The Alliance for a Stronger FDA — a stakeholder organization with 150+ groups and individuals devoted to advocating for increased appropriations for the FDA and educating policymakers and the public about the FDA’s mission and responsibilities — has said the following about FDA funding for the federal fiscal year 2022:

“The Alliance for a Stronger FDA thanks Congressional appropriators for their continued support of the FDA, as reflected in the just-released conference agreement on FY22 appropriations funding. The $102 million increase (3.2%) is much-needed and will strengthen programs throughout the agency. The Alliance feels confident that FDA is worthy of the trust that comes with additional dollars and remains committed to working with appropriators and the Commissioner to assure that funds are used appropriately and to the benefit of the American people.

“We are certainly aware that both the House and Senate acknowledged greater FDA needs, by proposing larger increases in their separate bills from last summer. However, the FDA increase is in line with the number of funds available to the Agriculture/FDA subcommittees and reflects continued Congressional support for a strong, well-funded FDA. Once the President’s FY23 request is submitted to Congress, the Alliance will be hard at work to see the additional needs for this year and new needs in FY23 are met through increased appropriations.

“Our Alliance membership — which consists of over 150 consumer and patient groups, research advocates, health professions societies, trade groups, companies, and individuals — are focused on the need for increased resources for FDA. We believe a growing mission requires a growing budget. The American people are the beneficiaries of continued investment in the agency.”

For more information, please contact Alliance Executive Director Steven Grossman at 301-257-9660.

The Alliance for a Stronger FDA is a stakeholder organization with 150+ members devoted to advocating for increased FDA appropriations. The Alliance’s unique coalition of patient and consumer groups and industry mirrors FDA’s unique role in public health, safety, and commerce.

The Alliance’s statement came in response to media inquiries about FDA fundng.

For the previous year, about 54 percent, or $3.3 billion, of the FDA’s budget was provided by federal budget authorization. The remaining 46 percent, or $2.8 billion, is paid for by industry user fees. The FDA budget is equivalent to $10.01 per American per year.

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