The FDA is advising consumers who have purchased Green Gorilla Root Juice sold by Green Gorilla Root Juice LLC in St. Louis to not drink the product. Officials say a lack of cooperation from the firm is hindering investigation efforts.

The warning comes because the product contains Yohimbine, an ingredient that can be dangerous at the levels found in this beverage. After multiple unsuccessful attempts to contact the firm to inform them of sample results, the FDA and Missouri health department attempted to conduct an inspection Dec. 16, 2020, but they were not permitted access to the business.

Yohimbine has been associated with heart attacks, seizures and other serious side effects, as well as confusion, dizziness, anxiety, tremors, headaches and skin flushing and may interact with medications.

The problem was discovered as part of a joint regulatory investigation by the FDA and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS). Product samples tested by the FDA contained 147 milligrams of Yohimbine in one 16 ounce bottle, which is at least several times higher than what would normally be recommended for use by a physician.

The FDA and DHSS are working to ascertain if there are other sales outlets, but these efforts have been delayed by the firm’s lack of cooperation.

Consumers can use the following information to determine whether they have the recalled juice on hand in their homes:

  • Product: Green Gorilla Root Juice
  • Packaging Description: Green Gorilla Root Juice is sold as a brown liquid in 16 ounce plastic bottles. The bottles have a green screw lid with white, black and green labeling. Yohimbine, an ingredient confirmed to be in the product by FDA testing, is not listed on the label as required by law.
  • Distribution Information: The product is offered for sale at

Consumers are advised to discard any Green Gorilla Root Juice immediately. Consumers of these products who are experiencing side effects associated with Yohimbine consumption should contact their physicians.

The FDA and DHSS are working to ascertain if there are other sales outlets in addition to the online sales.

The FDA is continuing to work with DHSS to contact the firm, and to notify consumers who purchased the product and request that they immediately dispose of it.

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