As many as 14 students from Saint Louis University (SLU) have reported suffering from food poisoning after eating at a local Jimmy John’s, as reported by The University News, an SLU student publication.

The Jimmy John’s, located within walking distance of the SLU campus, was closed by the St. Louis City Health Department on Jan. 25. The closure comes after students reported feeling ill after eating at the Jimmy John’s on Jan. 19. These reports included accounts of students needing hospitalization.

Jimmy John’s has a growing record of food poisoning incidents, often connected to raw sprouts.

Most recently, Jimmy John’s restaurants in Iowa were linked to an E. coli O103 outbreak in December 2019. Another outbreak connected to Jimmy John’s came to an end in March 2018, with 10 confirmed cases of the outbreak strain of Salmonella Montevideo infections across three states.

Jack Johnston of The University News reports that on the weekend of Jan. 25 an “Order of Cessation” sign was posted on the restaurants’ door by the City of St. Louis Health Department. However, Jonhston says that the sign was soon taken down and replaced with another sign claiming the Jimmy John’s was closed due to a “water main break.”

Kim Vanden Berg, Public Information Officer for the Department of Health, said that the Jimmy John’s was closed because the department “received complaints of persons experiencing gastrointestinal illness following dining from the establishment.” 

Berg further stated that the Jimmy John’s was reopened “after it was determined there was no risk to the public.”

The University News full report can be seen here.

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