Cargill has recalled 39 one-pound bags of packaged Wilbur Dark Chocolate-covered Cashews over an undeclared wheat allergen.

The recall was posted Friday on the Food and Drug Administration website as a public service. The recalled product was sold locally through the Wilbur Chocolate Store in Lititz, PA.

Wheat allergic individuals and/ or those with celiac disease (gluten intolerance) should not consume the incorrectly packaged Dark Chocolate Malted Milk Balls.

The Wilbur Dark Chocolate Malted Milk Balls were mistakenly labeled and packaged as Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews. They contain wheat, not listed among the ingredients on the label. The Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews do, however, bear a “may contain wheat” statement.

The recalled items can be identified as:

Wilbur Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews, lot #19100301WH & Bar Code 200172-16

No allergic reactions or illnesses have yet been associated with this recall. Recalled products can be brought back to the Wilbur Chocolate Store for a full refund.

Cargill is based in Minnetonka, MN.   The company has operations in 70 countries and employs 160,000 around the world.

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