Nova Scotia-based Masstown Market is recalling smoked kippers and cold-smoked Salmon from the marketplace, urging consumers to not eat the products because of concerns of botulism poisoning.

“This recall was triggered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA) inspection activities,” according to the recall notice posted by the agency on the evening of March 29.

The recall said the CFIA  is verifying that industry is removing recalled product from the marketplace. According to the CFIA, the recalled products were only distributed in Nova Scotia.

There have been no illnesses confirmed in relation to the recalled smoked fish products, according to the CFIA.

“If you think you became sick from consuming a recalled product, call your doctor. Check to see if you have recalled products in your home. Recalled products should be thrown out or returned to the store where they were purchased,” according to the recall notice.

Food contaminated with Clostridium botulinum toxin may not look or smell spoiled but can still make you sick. Symptoms in adults can include paralysis of breathing muscles, facial paralysis or loss of facial expression, unreactive or fixed pupils, difficulty swallowing, drooping eyelids, blurred or double vision, difficulty speaking or including slurred speech, and a change in sound of voice, including hoarseness.

Additionally, symptoms of foodborne botulism in children can include difficulty swallowing, slurred speech, generalized weakness and paralysis. In all cases, botulism does not cause a fever.

In foodborne botulism, symptoms generally begin 18 to 36 hours after eating a contaminated food, but they can occur as soon as six hours or as long as 10 days after exposure.

Anyone who has eaten any of the recalled smoked fish products and developed symptoms of botulism poisoning should immediately seek medical attention and inform their doctors about the possible exposure.

Consumers can identify the recalled Masstown Market brand Smoked Kippers and Cold Smoked Salmon in the following sized clear packages with the specified label codes:

Brand Name Common Name Size Code(s) on Product UPC
Masstown Market Smoked Kippers Variable weight 18.MR.30 Starts with
0 208172
Masstown Market Cold Smoked Salmon Variable weight 18.MR.27
Starts with
0 208035


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