Having found a marine biotoxin in two producers’ farm-raised Pacific oysters, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency posted a recall today, but distribution details were incomplete.

The biotoxin found by the CFIA causes Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP), which can cause respiratory paralysis and requires immediate medical attention.

“Consumers should not consume, and retailers, hotels, restaurants and institutions should not sell, serve or use the recalled products,” according to the recall notice posted on the CFIA website.

Although no injuries or illnesses had been reported as of the Oct. 16 recall notice, consumers are urged to discard the product immediately.

The recalled oysters were sold in Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, and possibly nationwide in Canada, at retail locations. Consumers can identify the recalled oysters by looking for the following label information:

Processor Address Product Code Purchase Dates
Albion Farms
and Fisheries 
1900 No. 6 Road, Richmond, BC Oysters in shell, farmed All sizes under
P.O. NO. 87606
Sold Oct. 9-16, inclusively
Union Bay Seafood Ltd. #170-2288 No.5 Rd., Richmond, BC Pacific Oysters, Effingham Inlet,
All sizes under
Lot 20171010NWAQ
Sold Oct. 10-16, inclusively

Anyone who eats shellfish contaminated with PSP is at risk for illness.

“Symptoms of Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP) include tingling and numbness of the lips, tongue, hands and feet, and difficulty swallowing with an onset of a few minutes and up to 10 hours after consumption,” according to the recall notice.

“In severe situations, this can proceed to difficulty walking, muscle paralysis, respiratory paralysis and death.”

Anyone who has eaten oysters and developed PSP symptoms should seek medical attention and tell their doctors about the possible exposure to the toxin. For more information, consumers can contact CFIA by filling out an online feedback form.

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