Vancouver Coastal Health inspectors have shut down a popular international grocery store and its kitchens, and they promise the Foody World at 3000 Sexsmith Road in Richmond will only be reopened when all health and food safety standards are met.

In the meantime, the Foody World in Richmond, B.C. is also under a public health warning for it’s fresh produce and ready-to-eat foods made in the grocery store. At least six people have been hospitalized with symptoms of Listeria, including fever, headache, diarrhea, vomiting and muscle aches.

foodyworld_406x250The warning says the public should avoid both the store’s produce and its ready-to-eat products. Customers are urged to throw out any food that may have been contaminated including ready-to-eat meat products, sushi, produce and baked goods purchased from the store since July.

Among the specific foods that may be contaminated are BBQ pork and marinated meats, sushi, produce, and baked goods purchased since July 2016.

Listeriosis can cause serious illness such as meningitis or blood infections in pregnant women and newborns, those with weakened immune systems and older adults or seniors. Symptoms typically start within four weeks after consuming, but can appear up to ten weeks later.

Anyone who suspects they may have an infection caused by Listeria should see a doctor for testing, advice and treatment. VCH Public Health will follow-up with any patients whose lab results are positive for Listeria. Most healthy people require no treatment, however, those at higher risk of serious illness can be treated with antibiotics.