The third death associated with marijuana edibles could not have come at a worse time for the state’s 15-month-old legal pot industry. Services are being held today in Tulsa, OK, for Luke Goodman, 23, who reportedly killed himself last Saturday night in a condo at Colorado’s Keystone Ski Area, where he was staying for two weeks with his family. ediblesmarijuana_406x250It will be a few weeks before toxicology reports will be returned, but Goodman’s family and friends suspect that edible marijuana was a factor in the self-inflicted gunshot death. His mother, Kim Goodman, blames her son’s death on “a complete reaction to the drugs.” Another controversy from a death linked to marijuana edibles was not what the industry needed, especially this week when it was making legislative moves to kill a regulation taking effect in 2016 calling for all marijuana-infused foods to have a distinct look. The bill to loosen the coming requirement that marijuana-infused cookies or candies be clearly identified as pot-infused did not get a single vote in the committee. The outcome was hailed as a bipartisan agreement that pot-infused food is going to look different than regular food in Colorado come 2016. It left the conservative Colorado Springs Republican who sponsored the bill to repeal the requirement, state Sen. Owen Hill, charging his colleagues with “micromanagement.” Edibles account for about 45 percent of Colorado’s newly legal pot market. Goodman and his cousin, Caleb Fowler, reportedly purchased $78 worth of marijuana products, including edibles, last Saturday afternoon. They began ingesting peach tart candies, each containing the recommended dose of 10 mg of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects. Fowler says his cousin ate at least five of the candies and later became jittery and was talking incoherently. Goodman did not want to leave the condo with the family later in the evening and got the handgun out that the family used for protection when traveling. The two other Colorado deaths associated with pot-infused foods were:

  • Wyoming college student Levy Thamba Pongi, 19, who took a leap from a Denver hotel balcony after eating pot-infused cookies. “Marijuana intoxication” was listed by the coroner as a significant factor in his death.
  • Kristine Kirk, 44, who was allegedly shot and killed by Richard Kirk. She had called 911 to report that her husband was experiencing hallucinations after taking marijuana candy with prescription medicine. Prosecutors have charged him with first degree murder.
  • Mick Jogan

    Here we go. Another anti-pot story that draws conclusions from coincidence. How many people have committed suicide while drunk. How many people have committed suicide after drinking coffee. I am guessing that the number is more than 3. Anything could be thought of as a contributing factor to committing suicide. I am personally guessing that guilt associated with religion is probably way higher than any of the above mentioned contributing factors. The facts are that none of the deaths correlated with pot use were actually an overdose of pot. Numerous people have died from actually drinking too much alcohol. Some people have died from drinking too much water. Not contributing factors, but straight out drinking too much water. Yet no one thinks that we need to levy some kind of control over water consumption.

    • Really bad arguments. If you nor people reading this can’t see this, they need a class in logic and critical thinking.

    • J.B.

      Well said!

    • oddsox

      …you’re just making excuses, Mick.

      No one has ever died directly from an overdose of marijuana? Perhaps.
      But with the constant development of more potent strains and synthetic derivatives, that sad day is coming.

  • James

    I seriously doubt that marijuana was the causal factor. Perhaps the kid had a few problems before he ate the marijuana?

    • Arrest Anheuser-Busch workers

      Meanwhile – all the cancer-causing narcotic drug addicts who consume
      Beer, Wine and Liquor continue to destroy over 10,000 innocent lives
      each year…!

      Arrest and incarcerate the Anheuser-Busch Executives for narcotics trafficking…

    • Paul Fassa

      Highly probable – I have seen some unusual first time pot high reactions – the most revealing was one where a good friend who was seeing a shrink in NYC got very weird and uptight to the point where I thought I’d have to punch him out. But we put on our coats and went out and he turned buoyantly enthusiastic. His shrink later indicated that his hidden fears and paranoia were brought to the surface. He never had problems with that again.

      First timers should not try edibles though without proper cautions though. They last longer and sneak up on you later. First timers usually think it’s not working because of the time lag involving digestion, so they take more than they can handle, which in most cases for those familiar with marijuana means nap time.

      • John

        In that case it’s not the fault of Marijuna, but a latent issue that was bound to surface one way or the other. Who knows, maybe he was a ticking time bomb and had he not faced his fears the first time he could have gone on a killing spree. I would say in that case that pot SAVED lives.

        • Ra Ha

          “Not the marijuana” if it is a side effect of marijuana use?

          You keep living in your smoke-filled Disneyland…

          • Mike Swart

            Marijuana does not make you hallucinate. It does make some people suicidal, but only in large dosages. Also, the RECOMMENDED dosage was one edible, he a quite a few. That would be the same as drinking three fifths and playing with a gun or going for a walk on the roof of a building. If you are going to blame the pot, you might as well blame the gun, and in the second case, blame gravity for the deaths above. Marijuana is not for everyone, and just like everything else on the planet, it should be used in moderation.

          • J.B.

            Exactly! Ppl are quick to blame what they don’t fully understand nor want to believe the actual truth. They feed into this propaganda bullshit because that’s what they’ve been wired to do. No one thinks for themselves these days lol

    • Opinionated2

      Perhaps the same can be said for every alcohol related death. Can’t have it both ways.

  • Ya, and two of those deaths were linked to GUNS, see how that works out? Be careful where you are going with conjecture. The headline may as well read ‘mans death, tied to gun’..
    Maybe he was just screwed up in the first place, I try not and second guess these things till the FACTS come out, ESPECIALLY when he media is is such a hurry to portray it in a certain way, without any evidence except ‘Could be’.

    I have heard reports that police confiscated illegal prescription drugs too, the toxicology test should be interesting.

    • Melissa Byrne

      Thank you that was my thought. I’m waiting to see similar articles turn up being used by anti-gun organizations. I have sincere sympathy for this young man’s death, but the pot didn’t cause it anymore than the condo he was sleeping in.

  • Jamie

    Absolutely no reason to believe that cannabis played a central role or even had a contribution to these unfortunate deaths. This is purely a scare tactic that tries to create an artificial concern for an herb that has been responsible for exactly zero deaths in the thousands of years of known human use for food, medicine, fuel, fibers, plastics, building materials, and to safely unwind and with which to party.

    • veloboldie

      When you throw words like “absolutely” your credibility goes out the window, unless you have scientific proof and empirical data to back it up.

      • Jamie

        Is this your own rule? I will stick with “absolutely” until someone demonstrates a causation between cannabis and these deaths. I could care less what credibility anyone believes that I have- but the original premise of this story can not be proved and my assertion that it is an absolute certainty that cannabis did not contribute to the tragedies described in the story, can not be disproved.

        • veloboldie

          true but neither can deaths attributed to the use of cannabis be disproved.

        • He’s right. When people speak in absolutes, they are usually religious nuts that are not open to evidence.

  • Kitsy WooWoo

    “Wyoming college student Levy Thamba Pongi, 19, who took a leap from a
    Denver hotel balcony after eating pot-infused cookies. “Marijuana
    intoxication” was listed by the coroner as a significant factor in his

    I’ve never tried marijuana, but I always thought jumping out of windows was linked more to LSD.

    • joe

      It wasn’t the fall that killed him, it was the sudden stop.

  • Stan Rohlfing

    The link mentioned is based on the opinion of family and friends. This is another case of correlation without causation. Similar to the Richard Kirk murder stating he was taking prescription medicine with marijuana even though there is no medical information on the effects of drug interaction. Guns and suicide is the more obvious correlation with evidence to back up causation.

  • Sarah

    All valid statements below. What really needs to happen is people taking responsibility and starting slow when trying edibles. People need to read the label and know how much THC is in one serving and use common sense. It is not the fault of pot, but the user. As someone who lived in CO for the past 8 years, I have seen it from both sides and know these people were not being responsible.

    • Mark Mason

      I grew up in the Ozarks. Sativa land. Sativa is night/day different than indica. I could tell you nightmares about smoking that shit. I never knew there was anything called indica until I moved to Seattle in 1986(Ed Meese and Mommy were throwing people in cages apace).

      We’ve been here for nearly 30-years, and all I’ve had to smoke is indica. I am a daily smoker, and I hate it. I would trade a pound of indica for an ounce of sativa.

      I started smoking, and growing, in the Arkansas woods when I was 14 (now 62). I know sativa well, and I cannot describe the sheer terror, the gut-turning paranoia that almost makes you want to scream when you look in your mirror and see a dirty, dusty sheriff’s car.

      When the fat-ass local redneck sheriff turns his lights on, you want to throw up. The car is full of smoke, one 17-year old and 3 underaged violaters. Budweiser, a big bag of local sativa, and all 4 of us were shaking. (Unless you’ve been stopped by a fat ass redneck sheriff Down South, I can’t explain the Worst Feeling In The World.)

      I think my point is, do not, under any circumstances, ingest too much sativa…especially on a broiling, dusty day in the Arkansas woods with the sound of a million locusts coming from somewhere…”shivvver”

  • This is heartbreaking. Maybe 1 cannabis death this year, maybe 2 last year, however, alcohol continues to kill over 80,000 EVERY year in the U.S., and cigarettes over 400,000. It seems that giving the harm of those drugs more attention would serve the public best.

    • Road Scholar

      6 people per day average from ethanol alcohol poisoning. There has been no death’s solely from cannabis.

    • joe

      Just to be clear. It was a bullet discharged from a gun that killed him. Don’t assume the marijuana made him pull the trigger. Mentally illness is the overlooked issue here. Not pot infused candy.

      • joe, we can’t keep denying that weed can have deleterious effects on people. If ingesting too much caused him to bring latent or deep feelings to the surface… this needs to be discussed as a side-effect, not something to sweep under the rug because we don’t agree with it.

  • DoseOfReality

    Clearly, the gun is at fault. Not the fragile minded retard behind the trigger. Maybe it was his shoes’ fault too, yep, that’s it. Ignorant imbeciles.

  • DocB

    I am not in favor of marijuana but I know that it is in use. If this individual could not get high on marijuana than he would probably have gone to something else. What disturbs me is the senator who tried to repeal the requirement that the packages be clearly labeled. What kind of idiot is this guy?

  • Nancy

    Edibles can be very strong. It’s not like having a couple hits off a bowl or joint. Most users know this, these inexperienced ones probably did not. However, as stated in previous posts over consumption of alcohol, prescription drugs, etc. have caused so many more deaths that it cannot even be compared. My beautiful daughter died from a legal cocktail of opiates, benzodiazepines and muscle relaxers. She had always expressed that if only her husband was accepting and marihuana was legal, that would have been her first choice in recreational drugs. Instead, she did the ‘legal’ thing and it killed her.

    • Sara Lucy

      I am so sorry about your daughter. I am not sure what you mean by a “legal cocktail” though.

      I am only asking since you mentioned it, and of course I understand if you don’t want to give more details, but are you saying she died from the prescribe dosage of those drugs? It is pretty well known that those drugs can be dangerous when combined. If she *knew* that recreational use was her intention, then she should never have been prescribed that combo.

      If she used someone else’s prescription or a larger dose than prescribed, then this cannot be described as a “legal cocktail.” It is illegal to use controlled substances in a way other than the way in which they are prescribed.

  • LogicPolice

    FSN…you should stay in your lane. The kid was from Oklahoma…so it’s unfortunate that this “link” you have independently and provocatively drawn has anything to do with Colorado. Anyone anywhere can make thier own edibles and do. Not to mention the hundreds of pounds of legally purchased but illegally possessed product that routinely makes it’s way over the border from our nieghboring state. This is not a behavioral health web magazine and it is clearly not a gun safety oriented site. If there is a presumption that contamination was present in the edible, then allow me to apologize, however, that claim is not made. If FSN is suggesting there is a drug interaction at work, then lets say….”Irresponsible Oklahoma youth over does it by not using descretion when mixing legal drugs”. FSN, if you are truely concerned with mood altering consumables then please, start reporting mortality, domestic violence, learning deficiencies, fetal alchohol syndrome, suicide, child abuse….and so on that was “linked” to alchohol some where in the nation. Get ready to be busy. By the way…this was an Oklahoma kid, we wreck a vehicle every weekend while being “linked” to alcohol.

    • Sara Lucy

      If the drug is packaged and marketed in edible form and without a prescription, then I do not see why it is an inappropriate story for Food Safety News.

      • LogicPolice

        I am happy to discuss it. I guess the speculation inherent in the word “linked” is what I have issue with. As a reader you know, action is not warranted unless evidence to a causal link is established. Recalls, embargos, destruction orders, plant closures, etc. are all serious matters. I feel it’s easy to simply turn the spot light on an obviously contentious issue simply because it was present. Let me put it another way. Here’s the headline….”Man strikes out violently at the workplace; Consumption of coffee is implicated.” Caffiene and THC are both legal forms of edible drugs in Colorado. So, I guess the question is, where do you sit on the legalization of the latter? This isn’t a morality question. If in my fiction, lead contaminant or another toxin had made the man crazy…then Food Safety News is where the story belongs. Was there anything awry in the manufacture of this legal drug in Colorado? If not, speculation about what was going through this kids mind doesn’t belong here.

        • Sara Lucy

          I appreciated this story for a few reasons that I’ll try to summarize (without being fully updated on the laws in CO)

          Apparently the candies are being sold as 1 dose per candy. I’m assuming these are fairly small candies, for which 3-5 pieces would be considered a serving in comparable foods, so as a broader safety issue (not speaking to this case necessarily), the dosages and serving sizes might be safer if they were matched to comparable food items. How many ODs could be prevented if a kid had to eat 15 candies to get 5X the recommended dose, instead of only 5?

          I’m sure the companies don’t want to be food manufacturers so the less food product they have to make, then the better off they are, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a good thing for the consumer who may not have a good idea of a safe amount. Eating 1 extra candy may not seem like a big deal, but it fully doubles the recommended dose.

          Compare that to caffeine for which 2-3 cups of coffee are required before you approach the recommended daily max for caffeine. If you choose to drink 6 or 7 cups of coffee a day, effectively doubling the recommended dose, most people are going to be aware that they’re drinking “too much coffee”. When caffeine is sold in concentrated pill form, as THC apparently is in some of these edibles, then it comes with more warnings and dosing recommendations.

          Likewise, alcohol already has label warnings about fetal alcohol syndrome, driving while impaired, and a note about potential health problems. These are federal warnings that are required on the package, with the exception of alcohol being sold by a licensed facility– a facility which then takes some liability by becoming licensed.

          These issues can and should be considered when it comes to marijuana edibles. Marijuana has negative side effects for some people. Personally, I have nothing against people using it medicinally or recreationally, and I am opposed to criminalization. However, I think it should be subject to serious scrutiny when it comes to the safety of popular THC products and associated marketing of these products. Denialism about these potential safety issues is what I am very much against.

          • LogicPolice

            There are several finer points within your summary upon which we agree Sara. The adoption of user descrection or lack of it, upon recieving advisory notice and the absence of this information is at the crux of the issue for you. Hyperbole not withstanding, users of consumables are definitely taking on a greater risk and need to use a more mature approach…as the vast majority do. You don’t have to look far to find examples of what I was speaking to where the manufacture of a formerly banned product is done safely rather than any discussion to it’s inherent ability to be abused.
            Clearly there is lots of room for rational and sound discussion. Thank you for yours.

          • Smokin steve

            The dosage is not an issue it was his mental health that was an issue. I use 250 mg for medical use and have never had an issue. If you’re suicidal avoid anything that messes with your emotions and get help. Every death was a result of a mental issue. If even 1 percent of the people who used edibles had these effects we might have an issue. However we are talking about three incidents that involved mental issues.

          • Sara Lucy

            Read about the links between cannabis use and psychosis. It’s fine to say “don’t use if you have mental health issues” but not everyone is aware of how they will react to pot before they use it and with recreational pot being marketed in many different forms and potencies, it’s a lot different than medicinal use under the supervision of a doctor. A psychoactive substance can have unpredictable effects in some people.

            “Previous research has found that THC can induce symptoms of psychosis in healthy people and worsen psychotic symptoms in people already
            experiencing them. Long-term cannabis use is also associated with an
            increased risk of schizophrenia, according to the study.”

          • TheSeeker

            All your claims here have contradicting studies out there. The schizophrenia marijuana link is not valid. You have to have a mental illness in the first place.

          • Sara Lucy

            There is an association between marijuana use and schizophrenia. Every claim has “contradicting studies” out there, so the quality of the research matters. Feel free to share some to back your claims, as I have done.

          • TheSeeker

            I’m not really that concerned about it. I have better things to do than argue with some random person online. You believe what you want to believe

          • ucangob

            What are you watching “Reefer Madness”?

          • Sara Lucy

            Uh, no.

  • MassCentral

    From another source:

    “fresh out of Oral Roberts University. Ready for anything.”

    Except the real world,, He committed suicide because of religion,,

    • Alaskapackerfan

      So some religious zealot shoots himself and pot is to blame? Me thinks they are mistaken, I have used marijuana since the 70’s off and on and at times did ingestables, sometimes to excess, but I never once thought of shooting myself or anyone else for that matter. I do have and carry a gun so not having access isn’t the issue as to why I’ve never shot myself. I guess maybe I was just lucky or maybe just of more sound mind than this dolt. Although it is a sad situation for the family, blaming pot won’t help anything. Maybe they are just grasping at straws trying to blame something other than their own son for taking his own life but in actuality it was his actions and his alone that led to his death. Well maybe the parents hold partial blame for leaving their gun in the hotel room when they supposedly carry it for protection. Doesn’t help if you don’t carry it.

  • Timothy Steele

    Stop with the f**king lies already. Marijuana has been linked to ZERO deaths in the HISTORY OF HISTORY. Your disinformation propaganda is really pathetic.

    • Opinionated2

      I believe the story above disproves your comment.

      • lawguy

        How? The story only repeats the claims of his family.

      • Norm

        I belive it does not.
        did pot maybe cloud his judgement, perhaps, did it instantly cause such massive depression that the person felt no option other than ending their life, I think not, this would have been an underlying issue. I have smoked pot for 20 years, heavily and daily for most of it. When I was in my twenties I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder. Plainly I get panic attacks for no real reason. Doctors told me it was due to long term pot smoking, basically over time it effected the way my brain processes certain signals thus causing symptoms (chest pain, increased heart rate, shaking and sweating)
        And in my testing I found that some strains indeed do help to cause attacks. Is it the direct cause? Nope, bad diet, stress in my personal life, the stress of running a business drinking far too much coffee etc… All played their role in my condition. The doctors wanted to throw pills at it (paxil, effexor, ativan) well some 6 years later (and after not smoking for 2 years) I was given the chance to test strains for my anxiety attacks. Blonde hash and sati as strains high in cbd and edibles help me to get a better sleep and eat better. I haven’t taken a pill in 4 years and my attacks are so infrequent and so mild that they hardly bother me.
        Look at the warnings for antidepressants. Or even that quit smoking pill (champix? ) lot ta folks want to or have killed themselves as a direct result of the mess. No other preexisting condition. Just take some pills and suddenly it dawns on them how great an idea it would be to take a long hot bath with a plugged in toaster.

  • Rob Poe

    >the handgun out that the family used for protection when traveling.

    How’d that work out for them?

    • J T

      Rob, it protected him from a life of sadness and depression. Nobody else was injured. If a person wishes to commit suicide, then that should be his own decision. There are a thousand other ways to commit suicide, many of them far more painful. The gun is not at all to blame. However, when fascism has 100% control of everyone in this country, YOU WILL BE TO BLAME, because fools like you will be the ones who deliver up all us sheep on a silver platter.

  • oldcowvet

    Would edibles not bee more likely be involved with overdose due to the longer ingestion to effect than inhalation? Sort of the same thing to sipping vs poo bonding shots?

  • Kelly Loomis

    The original article stated the edibles were labeled and he chose to ignore the dosing suggestion of 1 piece, and the helpful hint to wait a few hours to feel the effect, and downed piece after piece with full knowledge of both dosing and administration information. The information was there, literally staring him in the face as he unwrapped each piece. This is nobody’s fault but his own. This is a sad happening–but it is not the fault of the edibles.

    • Sara Lucy

      I’m all for adults taking responsibility for their own choices but I’m appalled at how many people are saying there’s no way that even 5X the recommended dose of THC could be harmful. Maybe the kid was under the impression that eating too much would be more fun, not more deadly.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he had that impression, as the pro-cannabis attitude in general seems to be that one could never suffer ill effects from THC. Apparently just getting people to accept that there are negative side effects to THC use is considered propaganda these days.

      • Charles

        Eating too much THC can make you very disoriented. It does not make you suicidal. The suicidal thoughts had to be there first. The guilt and self hate that Christianity teaches people to feel when they cannot live up the Churches standards is the most likely cause of his suicide.

        • Sara Lucy

          Given that suicide and suicidal thoughts are tragically quite common, if marijuana, especially an overdose, is the final factor in making a suicidal person take the next step and complete suicide, then it’s fair to say that the drug was a contributing factor.

          Not everyone who is suicidal has to finish the deed. Substance abuse is already known to be associated with suicide, either because the person plans to kill himself and takes the drugs, or the person decides to take that step because of the drug. Just because the vast majority who use cannabis won’t harm themselves doesn’t mean that the drug has no risks. And just because the risks are likely much higher in people who are predisposed to mental illness doesn’t mean the drug plays no role in the outcome.

        • CW

          A good dose of cannabidiol oil under tongue or vaped a few draws usually calms and balances out the THC toxicity. See Harris B 2015 The Secrets of Medicinal Marijuana

      • Smokin steve

        50 mg is not a dangerous amount. Sorry try again. I have witnessed a guy consume 1000 mg in one brownie. He was fine a little goofy but coherent and definitely not suicidal. Yes people need to be careful but it will not cause your body to shutdown and die. If you have mental health problems do not use marijuana until you talk to your doctor first.

        • Sara Lucy

          Pot has been linked in some studies to a 5x greater risk of heart attack in the first hour after it is used.

          There is also a published association between psychosis and marijuana use, which is being investigated to determine what the actual relationship is. People who use pot are more likely to also have mental health issues.

          It’s not cannabis that’s the problem. It’s widespread cannabis use. And please, hold your anecdotes about the dude with the brownie. I have consumed potent pot brownies and I know what an OD feels like. It ‘s horrific. I’ve seen plenty of folks mumbling and incoherent, or just totally passed out from pot. I don’t think it is going to make anyone pick up a gun and kill themselves if they don’t want to, but I’m not foolish enough to deny that it could be the triggering factor for someone who is already suicidal.

  • Compared to the millions that die of tobacco and alcohol every year worldwide….Also, a bullet killed him; not marijuana.

    • Opinionated2

      What killed the person who jumped out of the hotel window?

      • Cannabis Reefermadness

        The sudden stop at the end of the fall. Ban the earth for having gravity.

  • can you please report on other foods that also cause people to commit suicide. food and depression go hand in hand. it’d be good to draw up a list of foods that cause suicide. this article is so bunk…

  • Road Scholar

    Where’s the story about marijuana being the sole contributor in an ingestion, consumption death? Such as cardiac arrest, breathing cessation, cirrhosis?….. Oh, wrong column. Mmmm, ah, lets check next to this one. Space Aliens dumpster-dive hospital waste bin in search for Angelina Jolene parts for cloning and creating super race of journalist!

  • Catharine

    To me, there’s a more fundamental issue involved here, and I don’t see it being discussed. Why do people feel the need to alter their brain chemistry to “have a good time?” As a teen from the 60s, I’m very much a liberal with respect to other issues, but not when it comes to alcohol and drugs. It is NOT a moral issue to me, but an intellectual one. I’m okay with medical marajuana, and with decriminalizing it, but NOT with legalizing it. As for alcohol, I feel the same way, while recognizing that some foods, like crabs (being from Maryland), might taste better with some light type beer. However, I don’t understand why a mature, responsible adult would opt to kill/alter brain cells for fun. I’d rather have fun, and fully appreciate it, while keeping my wits intact. Impaired behavior is always risky, endangers others, and reflects an immature personality.

  • Jim

    Two things do not make sense. 1.) Why does a family traveling to a ski resort need a gun for protection? 2.) If someone is not experienced with drugs takes too much and proceeds to bug out, then why did a family member stay home and spot the kid?
    I’m not blaming anyone here. A very unfortunate event indeed.

  • RMPC 82

    pot did not kill Luke a bullet killed him. Lets take a look a Pot related deaths in Amsterdam, were the drug is used ,sold and consumed by hundreds daily. It is sold in many forms. Why aren’t there articles of deaths caused by percribed meds?

  • Babz Covington

    really? your reporting of these suicides/murder in this manner makes me want to can anyone take this seriously.

  • JJ Greive

    That death as tragic as it is was a suicide, not a overdose of marijuana.

  • Hollie

    That is just a crock of poop. I have been using marijuana since 1966. 49 years. Yes the kid must have had other problems. Marijuana is safe.

  • Jessica Shrewsbury

    This shit is ridiculous. People need to stop blaming marijuana and blame the people who choose to ingest it irresponsibly. Guarantee in all three cases these people had underlying behavioral issues that caused their actions.

  • Mark Mason

    Is this a recent phenomenon, or are we just now discovering the nexus between cannabis use and suicide? How long has this been going on? I do know, for certain, that there has never been a death caused by marijuana use. History has conceded this fact for 6000-years..

    If no deaths have been caused by marijuana, at least since 6000 BCE, why the sudden spate of deaths attributed to marijuana? Has cause/effect been studied/determined? What else could have triggered the suicides? Alcohol? Medications? Parents? Environment?

    Someone, Tea Party/GOP/’journalists,” et-al, is trying to use the local journalist bund to derail the smoke-free use of cannabis…have “they” breached the wall separating us from they? How firm is their grip? Can you break it?

    • Opinionated2

      6000 BC was 8000 years ago. Where can I find obituaries for the last 6000-8000 years? Anyone?

  • Mark Mason

    Not one(1) death in 6000-years of cannabis use, and now three(3) deaths within hours? Something is wrong here…bad wrong.

  • Liesel

    Face it, anyone who injests marijuana edibles has mental illness.

  • J T

    99.99% of suicide victims had drank bottled water in the week before their suicide. BAN ALL WATER BOTTLES!

  • Jay Dillon

    People should not eat “marijuana candy” unless they understand how powerful THC can be. They should try small amounts at a time. Even people who know what marijuana and THC can do may be overwhelmed because when THC is mixed into butter it gets to the brain very directly and in high concentration. If someone does not know what they are getting into they can be in for a real shock. They may feel disembodied, “dead,” may hallucinate a blue glow over everything, feel disconnected from what they thought was reality, and on and on. If these items are being sold to people, assuming the marijuana is not combined with other chemicals etc., then the people selling this “candy” should really recommend that people try only very small amounts at a time, and only in a “safe” protected setting or in a natural setting without a lot of chaos or confusion. A person who begins to experience a new reality that may seem bottomless or without any limits, may become extremely panicky and disoriented. Also the effects of the “eaten” forms of marijuana or hashish can last longer than a few puffs from a joint, and keep a person very high for hours. If a person isn’t feeling grounded or if they feel anxious and nervous already, they can be scared out of their wits by this type of experience, whether from organic THC or organic marijuana, or from hallucinogens of any kind. It’s not something to toy with, without the slightest reasonableness or without the slightest preparation and grounding. What it is is a consciousness expanding drug. This is what the government controllers have always hated the most about this sort of thing; it makes people think “outside the box.” Marjijuana has this reputation of being some sort of fun time drug that young people use “to get high.” In a culture that drinks alcohol (a major CNS depressant) to “get high,” many people will have no idea what in the world could possibly be going on when their consciousness is expanded beyond all the previous limits they had existed in, when they drank beer or whiskey and were dumbing themselves down that way, because it was culturally accepted or even encouraged. What people encounter with consciousness expanding drugs is the suddenly unlimited expansion of consciousness, which is “getting high” in a very different way from killing your brain cells with beer, and may feel uncontrollable and scary. Only small nibbles is enough when you are eating infinity.

  • Matthew

    I recently found this site through some searching related to food safety. I will never visit this site again after after reading this article. Something like this shows the inaccuracies through every article.

    • Opinionated2

      Please site examples of inaccuracies.

  • Willy

    Yellow journalism-
    a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers.

    Techniques may include exaggeration of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism.

    • Opinionated2

      Please prove the facts presented as false.

  • TheSeeker

    Yeah… I’m calling bullshit. This dude had issues he clearly hid from his family.

  • pablocruize

    Here we go again, all the half wit pot heads come to the defense of their worthless dope habit. “All is good I have a job and I like living in my Moms basement” What losers!

  • Bilbo Baggins

    One murder and two suicides in a 15 month time period “linked” to marijuana is nothing compared to the amount of deaths caused by alcohol or tobacco in a span of 15 months. Everybody, go ahead and freak out. Marijuana is the worst drug. 1 death every 5 months is insane. Let’s forget about the fact that highway fatalities are extremely low, and people are much happier since legalization. Alcohol and tobacco deaths aren’t the issue, it’s marijuana. I’m totally not being sarcastic…

  • joe

    Taking a loaded weapon on a family vacation is far more dangerous than experimenting with pot infused edibles. Just a suggestion. Leave the guns home when you go skiing at Keystone. There is absolutely no reason to bring a handgun to a ski resort. IDIOT!

    • Opinionated2

      How many times did the family take the gun on vacation and nothing happened? How many times did their son eat marijuana on those same vacations?

  • Jeffrey P Bennett

    Edibles are super strong and those who want to use them should start off slowly, many just eat a whole one and an hour later are way to high, also several of the edibles are using synthetic weed and that can kill you. I do not know of one death caused by smoking pot, those again that choose to eat it take it slow and purchase your edibles from a party you know is not selling the synthetic, also remember Edibles come in very different strengths from 2X to 10X big difference

  • Oriam Sammy

    Anti-Cannabis group, Big-money or big-pharm with their disinformation and misinformation.

  • Oriam Sammy

    FACT: You would need to smoke 1,500 pound of cannabis in 15 minutes before you can overdose and die. So these “stories” about kids freaking-out are made-up or those kids were high on something other than cannabis. Maybe it because Cannabis Cures Cancer, Diabetes, MS, ALS, Autism, Epilepsy, ADHD?ADD, Depression, Crohn’s Disease, IBS, Glaucoma, Cramping, Headaches to name a few.

    • Opinionated2

      Apparently marijuana affects reading comprehension. The story above makes no mention of anyone dying from an overdose.

  • Opinionated2

    The infantile comments arguing against the facts presented in this story are the best case against legalization.

  • Devlin Laurenson

    I 100% doubt that marijuana had anything to do with it. They just assume since he was on it and shot himself that it was the weeds fault. I’m sure either depression or other reasons were a major factor in this. Just because you’re not all for marijuana legalization doesn’t mean to blame the death of your son or any person on marijuana.

  • lawguy

    He shot himself. Anti drug warriors grasp at every straw. Perhaps an explanation of the difference between correlation and causation. All we know is that his family is desperately seeking some explanation that exonerates both them and him.

    The other two stories ignore the fact that these people were using other drugs/alcohol.

  • Davave

    Well the lady who got killed by her husband can’t be blamed on weed. He took medication and then mixed it with marijuana? Why would you do that? Also, it can’t be said for sure that weed was a reason for either of the suicides. Sure they were under the influence but we don’t know what they were thinking at the time

  • PattyFromTexas

    What else was he taking? Was he on any of the SSRI’s like Prozak, Paxil, Zoloft or any of the other anti-depressants?

  • MasticateWithMe

    Possibly intended to commit suicide anyway and decided to make his exit while high.

  • Benjamin Dover

    If eating an edible pot cookie caused this kid to jump to his death from 4 stories up then he had some very rare condition that caused this reaction. I seriously doubt that THC caused this on it’s own. In fact, it didn’t. It just didn’t. Sorry anti-pot a-holes but the only causal relationship between 60mg of THC (which is a lot, but certainly NOT a lethal dose) in a 19 year old man’s body and that man committing suicide is the connection this article is alleging. And this article is written with the intent of scaring people while pushing a hot topic button in order to cause “buzz”. The buzz then makes it an article that all websites that sell advertizing will re-post in order for those websites to make more money. Don’t fall for it.

  • Ginger

    This is so stupid…correlation does not equal causation. People who are in pain (such as anxiety or depression) seek to alleviate it, many using alcohol or other drugs. It’s quite possible (actually most likely) that the two who killed themselves was due already existing issues. My brother took his life after swallowing an entire bottle of Prozac. It wasn’t the Prozac that killed him, but it was associated with his death. He had been battling suicide, anxiety and depression long before taking the Prozac. The claims that pot caused it is ridiculous. We need legalization so we can have more research.

  • oddsox

    Marijuana has legitimate medicinal uses, but it isn’t a toy.
    It’s drug with both beneficial and dangerous potential.