A preschool in northwestern Oregon has shut down after three of its students contracted E. coli infections this fall. The Public Health Division of Clackamas County this weekend requested that children who attend the Heart Centered Montessori of West Linn, OR, stay home from schools, daycares and water-related activities and that they not participate in events where food is shared. Three of the school’s students fell ill with E. coli infections in September and October, according to the agency. The school shut down in response to the health inquiry to prevent the possible spread of infection. Two of the infected students have been hospitalized while one is known to have recovered, the county pubic health agency said, according to the Oregonian. While two of the students are known to have contracted the same type of E. coli infection, E. coli O157:H7, a particularly dangerous form of the bacteria, the health department is awaiting test results to determine which type of E. coli infection the third student has. The Clackamas County Public Health Division has requested stool samples from all Heart Centered Montessori students, who range in age from infant through six years old. The agency said in a statement that it would collect samples on Monday and Tuesday of this week, or by special arrangement. Results are expected within a week of testing. “We urge parents to continue to be vigilant over the next few weeks and report any illness symptoms promptly,” wrote the Cackamas County Public Health Division in a letter to parents. “Please also seek medical attention if any symptoms appear.” Symptoms of E. coli infection include nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, loose stool and bloody diarrhea.