A California packing company has voluntarily issued a nationwide recall for several conventional and organic varieties of stone fruits packed between June 1 and July 12 because of possible contamination with Listeria monocytogenes. Wawona Packing Co. of Cutler, CA, issued a voluntary recall on Saturday of conventional and organic varieties of yellow peaches and nectarines, white peaches and nectarines, black plums and pluots (a plum/apricot hybrid). On July 21, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) issued its own recall of the fruit sold under the Wawona, Sweet 2 Eat or Harvest Sweet brands. Listeria can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Although healthy individuals may suffer only short-term symptoms such as high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea, Listeria infection can cause miscarriages and stillbirths among pregnant women. The recalled products were shipped directly to retailers and wholesalers who resell the products and were shipped in both bags and boxes. The recalled products can be identified by a list and photographs. Anyone who has the recalled products in their possession should not consume them and should discard them. Consumers with questions may contact Wawona Packing at 1-888-232-9912, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. t0 5 p.m. EDT, or visit www.wawonapacking.com for a copy of the company’s press release. Wawona Packing has already notified its business customers and requested that they remove the recalled products from commerce. The company is voluntarily recalling these products in consultation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The recall was initiated based on internal company testing. The company stated that it shut down the implicated packing lines, retrofitted equipment, sanitized the facility and retested, and that subsequent daily test results have been negative. After the Wawona recall was issued, Wegmans, a NY-based supermarket chain with stores in NY, PA, MA, MD, NJ and VA, announced Sunday that it was recalling several in-store baked desserts sold from June 1-20 because they may contain fresh peaches, nectarines and plums supplied by the CA packing company. These desserts include various cakes, pies, tarts and other pastries and are labeled with a store-printed scale label that will identify the product and UPC. A full list of the recalled items is available here. Customers who purchased the recalled products from Wegmans between June 1 and July 20 should discard the product at home and visit the service desk and identify the product for a full refund.

  • Cowicide

    Wow, that’s brilliant, FDA. Put up a list of recalled items in a PDF that’s unsearchable because the idiots put up an IMAGE of the list instead of actual, searchable text. And the image is low resolution so OCR won’t be as accurate.

    I wonder how many people aren’t going to know it’s an image inside that PDF, do a text search for their product code, not find it and get sick?


    I tried to download the original PDF via the company and all they provide was scanned images of documents instead of searchable text characters as well. So, I guess we’ve got both corporate and government ineptitude working hand in hand here (like usual).

    • Neil N Puke

      Most peope don’t know how to search anyway, or read….

      • Cowicide

        Ha, that may be true, but for those of us who do read and search, it would be nice. 🙂

  • Peg

    Please forgive my stupidity.
    I have red organic plums at home that I bought yesterday.
    I went to the FDA site and got all the info.
    My plums have the 94042 number on the tag and the name of the farm where they came from.
    Plus the bar code matches the one on the FDA site.

    Am I correct that Wawona packs for many growers and my plums and my money should be thrown away?

    Thank you in advance for any help.

    • myname

      Customers who purchased the recalled products from Wegmans between June 1 and July 20 should discard the product at home and visit the service desk and identify the product for a full refund.

      Consumers with questions may contact Wegmans consumer affairs department toll free at 1-855-934-3663, Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EDT.

    • noggin_user

      Yes throw away the plums but not your money. They are providing refunds.

  • LoriBabcock

    How are they performing “daily tests” on the cleaned-up production line? I thought there were no instant tests for Listeria, instead you must incubate the pathogen for several weeks to know if present. I think reporting it as clean daily tests is misleading and does not have meaning, when it is a biochemical process that must be preformed to determine if Listeria of any species is present. It would be great if a swab test could tell us, but our technology is not there yet.

    • Hmm

      They could do stains for it daily…

  • Jay H

    My son came down with Listeria and the doctors office in Webster NY said they’ve been slammed today and have had 9 other cases today already. So, correct the article because there has been plenty of reported cases of Listeria already!!

    • myname

      dr may have to contact them. they won’t believe it,if you told them,just saying. have info for dr secretary to call. good luck.

    • not happy

      My son was extremely ill the 4th of July and it was just a few days after buying all 3 of these fruits from Wegmans. They said it was just a virus and now its all making sense..extremely high fever, vomiting and diarrhea. I am also 9 months pregnant and consumed all 3 of the fruits, so needless to say I am extremely nervous and upset due to the fact that this can be fatal to unborn child. calling all drs first thing in the morning.

      • crs

        I hope all will be well for you. At this stage of pregnancy you both should be all right.

      • Trader Joes Listeria

        I’m also pregnant and am being treated for listeria and have contacted several companies, agencies, etc. It may be my anxiety over the situation but am so upset they claim no ilnesses have been reported. I think people give up on the hourlong waits for the packaging company and don’t get responses from anywhere else, so they put it out super ealy that no one has reported illnesses. It gives me a new perspective of how these types of situations are handles – or rather not handled.

        • Bev

          How did you find out? Help I am pregnant and need to know what to expect and how they treat this.

        • Sick in Tulare, CA

          Yes. Me too. Six months pregnant and horrible GI issues. What did you experience? Waiting on blood culture.

      • Bev

        Have you heard anything yet? I am curious because I am also 25 weeks pregnant.

    • Quite Worried in Illinois

      I am in Illinois and have been sick for 2 weeks. I have had fatigue, diarrhea, and the WORST cramps throughout my entire torso. I have never experienced anything like this. I got the call from Sam’s tonight. (Thank goodness!) We had nectarines. Now it all makes sense. No one else in my family got sick, but mine doesn’t seem to be going away. I will be going to the doctor tomorrow. This seems widespread!

      • T Davis

        Everyone the company still saying no one has been reported sick, I know I called the hot line because it made me so sick. Am thinking about going to the media, because this company is lying.

    • bev

      Thank you for posting that because that’s what the Dr. told me when I was at his office. I’m 25 weeks pregnant and extremely worried cuz I have some of the symptoms. So I had him do a culture to be sure.

  • Robin Stofko

    This is very alarming. I have eaten plums and various fruits from Wegmans very recently and I do have autoimmune problems, thanks a lot but it’s too late when the diahrria begins and the weight starts falling off.

    • Nic

      We just got a notice from our grocery store today that we had bought some of the recalled items, they were eaten a week or two ago so I guess we just get to sit around and wait.

      • T Davis

        I was sick for 2 weeks and they told me from 3 different hospital I had an unknown virus, I felt like I was gonna die. No one besides Sam’s Club sending me a letter past a month talking about you may have purchased some bad peaches. Am piss at Sam’s to I feel they should have contacted me way before a month.

  • Kirk-and Lesley Martin


    • Wilber

      I thought it was Wegmans not Costco. Or are you saying that you will only patronize Costco for your fruit.
      I am confused.

      • Susan

        Wilber, Wawona Packing Co. Packs and distributes fruit to several retsil outlets; Wegman’s, Costco, and Trader Joe’s have all been named as having sold the possibly contaminated fruit. Wegman’s also apparently used the same fruits in some of their bakery items, so if you bought either the fruit or bakery items at Wegman’s you and ate them, you could be infected. I hope this helps you sort this out.


      NEVER AGAIN? More for use we will miss you! NOT

  • Charlotte Winters

    We have already eaten everything! What the hell do we do now? Just got a recorded call from Sam’s this p.m. about the recall. Guess I will be calling my doctor tomorrow a.m.

  • Tiffany

    I have also gotten sick from peaches I bought last Monday and am unable to locate my lot in the recall I have been sick for for 4 days and could not figure out what it was from since I was the only one to eat the peaches in my household until the call came now it all makes sense

  • annoyed

    It’s a little late on the report as I bought some of above listed contaminated fruits before this news was released, had consumed all of it and was sick for a few days. Now what?

    • Katie

      Hi All,

      First off, if you are a healthy adult it is very unlikely you would become ill from listeria, because your immune system will fight it off, like 99.9% of every germ you come in contact with on a regular basis. As for pregnant woman, elderly, newborns, and those with weakened immunes systems, they are more prone to getting ill because their immune systems are are not fully functioning. In addition, the average incubation period for the disease is 3 weeks. So if you got sick a day or two after, it was’t from the peaches. Now pregnant with my second child, I’ve done my fair share of research on listeria and have come to this knowledge through many hours of research on the internet and numerous talks with my OB. But, should you have symptoms in the 2 to 4 week time period it is very important to seek the care of a doctor.

      • Marymary

        Incubation is from 3 to 70 days, and those aren’t hard numbers. I mean, if you eat a peach and get sick 33 hours later instead of 36 hours later, you could still have listeriosis. Also, healthy adults can and do become ill with listeriosis, although they are not as susceptible to it as the very young the elderly, pregnant women, and immuno-compromised individuals. A former colleague in food safety and sanitation had a healthy, young friend die in the Bil-Mar foods listeriosis outbreak many years ago.

        Although there have been no official reports of illness, the comments here suggest that an outbreak is going on and has been going on for some time.

        • Brenda

          No reports there are many people who got sick from the fruit including myself! I have been so sick!

      • Brenda

        Well then I guess then all those people including myself after eating the fruit and got sick just don’t know what we are talking about. Don’t tell me or any of these people we could have not gotten Listeria. That’s my doctors job and blood test results will show it!

        • Marymary

          It appears that there is an outbreak gong on, as I said above. People have to get tested, have the test come back positive for listeriosis, and then the hospital or doctor’s office has to report the result to the local or state department of health. People also need to give some food history to the doctor and/or health department. Absent all that, there is no way to confirm that the illness is listeriosis and/or that the food in question was the culprit. You can’t just say, “I ate a peach and got sick a few days later, therefore it must have been from the recalled fruit.” The recalled fruit may or may not have been the cause of the illness.

          Unfortunately, because many people became ill long before the recall was announced, there it is almost impossible to confirm that their illnesses were connected to the fruit. For whatever it is worth, I personally think that there is a high likelihood that the recalled fruit has caused at least some of the illnesses reported here. It’s just difficult if not impossible to confirm with all the time that has elapsed.

          • Rick Evans

            Marymary, it sounds as if you work for the people responsible for this outbreak; been paid to make statements like yours; or you simply have nothing else to do other than to make inappropriate comments based on absolutely nothing.

          • ate all mine too

            I believe what Marymary is saying is, if it isnt official, medically documented proof, no one is going to call it an outbreak. All you have is a lot of people who are making allegations of illness.

          • Rick Evans


          • Marymary

            Yes, thank you. It is extremely difficult to *confirm* an outbreak. What we have here in this comments section is a lot of anecdotal evidence of an outbreak, however that is not the same as confirmation. The reason I’ve been advising people to go to the doctor and get tested is so that there can be confirmation. Otherwise, this will just go down as a recall with no known illnesses caused by the recalled food. That’s probably not true, but unless illness from the fruit is confirmed, that’s what the record will show.

          • Marymary

            You could not be more wrong. I worked in food safety for many years at a local health department. I know how difficult it is to confirm an outbreak just from the nature of foodborne illness and all the testing and reporting it takes to get a confirmed link of illness to a specific food or food product. I am in no way a shill for the food industry. Far from it.

  • shelbel5

    I just started with illness all night and today. My sons as well. couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I got a phone call from SAMS from the nectarines we bought last week and we consumed yesterday. I’m worried. Do I bring us all to the doctor??? And who pays these bills?

  • Wendy

    My husband ate all six peaches, the last one tonight. We just got the call from sam’s club. The box went into the trash a week ago. So goes the refund! Just have to wait it out now. He is only in his seventies. Ouch!

    • Suzi

      I purchased nectarines and plum/apricot hybrids from Sam’s Club a week ago also, and also gave some to my dad who is 77 years old, which I called tonight to tell him to throw away (luckily he hasn’t consumed them yet). As I had blood diarrhea a few days ago, and diarrhea this morning too. I ate my last nectarine this morning, so we’ll see tonight or morning. If you still have the receipt, I’d suggest to keep it in case your husband has bad repercussions and then take it from there, as I don’t think a refund of $7+ would cover expenses for medications/hospitalization, especially the punitive aspects like physical and mental suffering.

  • Carolyn

    My husband got very sick, worse stomach pain ever, after eating a peach purchased at Costco. Was in bed 2 days and missed work. We thought it was food poisoning. Guess it sort of was. We had nectarines too. Refund time…

  • Mcquick

    I live in Northern California and just got a call from Costco, where we purchased a flat of peaches approximately 4 weeks ago. My son was the first to eat a peach and became very ill (vomiting and body aches) about 6 hours later. No other family members came down with whatever my son had. The peaches were the only food item that the rest of the family did not eat that day, so we threw them away as a precaution. I have no doubt that this was what cause my son’s illness…a little too coincidental. I wish the recall would have been a bit more timely so I had an opportunity to check the lot number. Kudos for the voluntary recall though.

    • Joe

      3 – 70 days before symptoms are visible… I can not believe this! Looks like the waiting game and a doctors visit is in line. 🙁

  • Marcia Ambler

    I ate your plums and wondered why I had the stomach flu. Apparently I actually had listeria from your plums. I would have appreciated learning about the contamination BEFORE I ate the plums! Why did you wait over a month to report this problem? My plums are lot 169, # WPHBP28. I had to take a LOT of Immodium to get the diarrhea to stop and I was weak for about 3 days, with a bad headache and muscle aches, for which I took ibuprofen, but nothing really helped a lot. You say there are no reports…well this is MY REPORT!!! I would like to make you owners sick the way I got sick and make you lose 3 days of work and then see how much that box of plums ends up costing you in taking 3 days out of your summertime, which is my only time I have to myself. So you pay me for the $6 box of plums and call it even. Is that called “doing good business”? Well I have your company’s name burned forever in my brain, Wawona. If you were in my place, would you ever buy a Wawona product again, ever? I have cooked probably hundreds of thousands of meals for my family members over my life, and I never made anyone sick. It would be nice if you folks would keep your place cleaner, please.

  • Cheri

    I at one last night. I am so sick. Been nauseated. Bad headache, stomach hurts do bad. This is very painful stomach pain. Not good. Got the call today. Wasn’t sure what was going on. I was so sick at work and I don’t work for the most understanding person either.

  • Lindsay

    We live in Montana and just got a call from our local costco- Ive had the sickest 18 month old, EVER for the past 5 days;( it’s cycled through our house as various symptoms and other friends that were here, too, over this past few weeks….this is scary;( I mean June 1-July 20th… That’s a lot of fruit sold;( I’m atleast glad we have an answer!

    • Pam

      Lindsay, How long after eating the fruit did your 18-month old get sick?

      • Mom

        My son had it too. It was about 2-3 days after he consumed.

  • swartie

    If the peaches I purchased should be thrown away, does that mean every other fruit I have in the same refrigerator bin should also be thrown away? I have apples plums and peaches in the same drawer.

    • Suzi

      I gave my dad who is 77 years old a care package of plum/apricot hybrids and nectarines from Sam’s Club, got the Recall email a week later, (tonight) and I called him almost midnight AK time to let him know to throw them away. Mine included cherries and green grapes in the package, and I told him just to throw it all away. Better safe than sorry.

    • Aloan

      I am wondering the exact same thing…….I threw my good fruit away as a precaution because it was all in the same bowl…but we ate some of the good fruit already….so who knows.

    • Michael Bulger

      I would throw them out, just to be safe. And remove the drawer from the refrigerator, then thoroughly wash and dry the drawer before putting it back in the refrigerator.

    • Aloan

      I am wondering the exact same thing….I had other fruit touching the harmful nectarines…..ended up throwing it all out just to be safe.

  • Jesus

    Can we sue the company???

    • Suzi

      I would think so if there’s lengthy illness that’s costed a lot of suffering and money in the hospital. I myself wouldn’t settle for just the store refund!

    • C.B.

      There are lawyers out there for this, google, “listeria, lawyer”. I found two right away.

  • Lankesh

    Hi friends, I bought plums, nectarines, and grapes is Sams club, Pooler Savannah, GA, on July 14. I and my wife ate nectarines just after coming out of Sams Club in . My 2 kids said NO because they wanted to eat in restaurant. Then we went to cinema in Pooler 9:30 pm show. After that around 11:30 pm we bought coffee at McDonalds in Pooler Parkway, hit by a car taking reverse too fast got damages in our car, waited for the police to come and take a report. It was really a tired-day for all of us. Once we started to move to our home, on I-95 my little son wanted to eat nectarines, he ate and slept. Next day I woke up at noon, my son came out of restroom saying loose-motion, Later he was playing tv games and again in the evening he went to toilet said this is the 3rd time, it was even in the morning earlier. Tools were darker, and I decided to give him some medicine, but he said NO. I told my wife that let us see, and if he gets again we need to go to a doctor. What he ate? Pizza? no. He eats pizza, burger, mostly good. We did not know the reason for that diarrhea till today, but got a call about the recall from SAMS club. Immediately I checked any other fruit in fridge, there were 3-4 nectarines, but found not good in shape, rotten (I have the video). Rotten inside the fridge!!! Then I cleaned the fridge, threw the nectarines, grapes left over and I have the Plums not eaten because of sour taste, but I must throw it out.
    SO what should I do now? Must go to the doctor because my son already affected and does he need any antibiotics now? Now I feel this as a terrible thing… and friends give me some advice.

    • crs

      You did the right thing tossing the fruit, cleaning your fridge, and taking your son to the doctor.

  • Suzi

    Get a refund.. right, like that’s going to cover the people’s hospital bills and/or body and stomach medications!! I had major upper stomach cramping with a big bout of diarrhea a few days ago that had blood in it!! It kept me up and eventually in the middle of the night I had to sit in the bathroom almost an hour. I bought these nectarines and plum/apricot hybrids from Sam’s Club on July 15, 2014, and just now checked my email from Sam’s about the recall that came at 5:17pm AK time tonight!! A straight week later!!! I just ate the last nectarine for breakfast this morning, and to top it off, I gave a care package of those plums and nectarines to my 77 year old dad!!! Luckily I just called him (almost midnight) and told him to throw away those hybrid plum/apricots and nectarines, he didn’t even have them yet. So I am thankful I got the recall email before he had the chance to consume them, being as the unborn and elderly have the worst symptoms!! Not looking forward to sitting in the bathroom again, and any intestinal/colon damage these fruits can cause because $15.00 isn’t going to cover it!! This makes me so mad that we have to be warned AFTER the fact, and a WEEK LATER!!! Can’t buy me off that way, SORRY!! Clean up your place and get these recalls out sooner to your consumers Wegman’s, Wawona, and all these other companies you sell to!!!

  • very upset

    22 wks pregnant- ate them nectarines- received a call from costco- calling docs-anxiety attack full force!!!

    • Listeria Trader Joe’s

      Get on antibiotics regardless of what the say. My own labor and delivery people said there was nothing they could do about it even if i had it. I went somewhere else, got all the fluids i had lost as well as 7 days of antibiotics but it doesn’t make me less nervous at 21 weeks.

  • Keith

    My pregnant daughter has placed some apples and contaminated peaches together and ate an apple. Should we be concerned?

    • Timothy Gu

      Yes, definitely. Pregnant women are especially high-risk for this bacteria.

  • Rick

    Our family ate two boxes of the fruit from Costco and no one became ill, however we washed
    all of the fruit prior to eating. Sound like we got lucky. Receiving a call over a week later is of little
    value to anyone as the fruit will have been eaten or rotted by then. The comes as a warning but is really just letting you know why you have been sick!

  • Jessini3

    Ate a nectarine from costco on Sunday…woke up yesterday morning vomiting with 102.5 fever that lasted until 3am. Happy to have an answer and to know my kids can’t catch it from me…

  • Rick Evans

    I bought peaches at Costco on July 12th and ate a couple a few days
    later after they softened. I was awakened early(5a.m.) on Thursday 7-17
    with severe abdominal cramps, chills, diarrhea, vertigo and mental
    confusion. The symptoms continued to worsen during the evening and
    night.My wife drove me to the ER at 6 a.m. on Fri. 7-18. I could
    not walk, keep my eyes open due to the vertigo and nausea. The ER
    staff infused fluids, took blood cultures(results won’t be back until
    tomorrow), treated me for the abdominal cramps and nausea, gave me
    antibiotics and a few hours later had my wife take me back home. I have
    been only able to lay around for the past 3 days, feeling nauseous,
    dizzy and severely weak, especially when attempting to walk. Yesterday
    was the first day I was able to eat some crackers and yogurt. Last
    night we got a robo-call from Costco telling us of the recall. The
    Costco Warehouse where we bought the peaches did not know if they had
    sold the Lot CA6910 identified in the robo-call. They said they would
    do some “further investigating” and call me back. There is no doubt in
    my mind that those peaches cause my illness.

  • jeanne

    I have been buying and eating the peaches all summer..I buy a flat each week…got a call from sams last night. I googled listeria and found out that one canbecome sick from this bacteria anywhere from 3 days to 71 days…I have been eating a peace every day. Yesterday was the latest. I AM 67, recent cancer survivor , just had a total knee replacement in Feb. and have thyroid disease…now I have to worry about contracting this untill mid October..

  • Becky

    My 7 year old son said his stomach hurt and had a headache and diarrhea all day, while my 3 year old daughter vomited several times for several hours, also with a headache and slight fever. I felt some stomach cramping and my just turned 2 son was grumpy and clingy. All of this right after we ate peaches from Costco. I just got an automated phone call from Wawona saying the fruit was recalled. Just wanted them to know that there were illnesses to report. They were really yummy peaches though…

  • Paula

    What is the incubation time from eating the fruit until you see symptoms. I bought a box of peaches from Sam’s and have eaten all of them! Just got the email today….( 9 days after purchase)

    • Marymary

      Incubation is from 3 to 70 days.

  • HealthNut

    A Novella – Tainted Love

    Here in California, my brother has been sick since around the 1st of July…really sick. He has had flu like symptoms, fever, nausea, muscle weakness and horrible diarrhea for over three weeks. Pepto Bismol barely helped. He was eating several white peaches and nectarines per day because they were so plentiful and delicious this year. He purchased them at both Sams Club and Costco, sometimes two flats at a time.

    My 78 year old father, whom my brother lives with, became very ill on July 13th…horrible diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue and total loss of appetite. I was very concerned about both of them, especially my father, who is already very thin and frail, and can’t afford to lose one ounce of body fat. I was ready to take him to the ER because he was so sick that he wasn’t able to eat and keep his food down. He wouldn’t go, and instead stayed in bed for three days, and my brother did his best to get him to eat…luckily the peaches had all been eaten by then and they were both too ill to go to the store and get more. I can only imagine if my brother had unknowingly fed our already horibly ill father more tainted fruit. Costco, Sams and/or Wiwona Packing would certainly be paying more than a “refund” if my father had died from eating their tainted fruit.

    It was a scary situation, especially after 3 weeks of illness, I didn’t know what was wrong with them, but figured it was just a really bad virus going around that one of them had picked up and brought home to the other. In effect, that is actually the case…they brought it home from Sams or Costco, but not from a sick person, from sick fruit. It all makes perfect sense now. I wish I had known sooner about the recall, because they continued to eat the nectarines, believeing that they were healthy for them, not realizing it was actually the total opposite. One good thing was that my brother was keeping the nectarines in their own drawer in the fridge, so none of the other food in the fridge touched them. Though at this point, I think they should gut the entire fridge and sterilize it, just to be safe.

    My mom is in Washington state and I had recently visited her and purchased two flats of nectarines from Costco for us to enjoy while I was visiting her. Those two flats we consumed the first week of July were fine, no bad lot numbers or illness to report. However, I just called her to warn her about the recall, and found out that when I went home, she had enjoyed the nectarines we ate so much, that she went back to Costco and purchased another flat for herself. She told me that she had been deathly ill three days ago…vomiting, diarrhea, chronic fatigue, loss of appetite etc. She thought it was a flu virus she had picked up while out shopping…in a sense she was correct. Unfortunately, compliments of Costco, she had carried the bacterial virus home in a pretty cardboard box…reminds me of a Stephen King novel called “Thinner.” She has a bad heart and is very susceptible to dehydration and chest issues related to gagging/vomiting, so it was pretty scary for her. Luckily, just like my brother, she had the nectarines stored in their flat by themselves in a drawer, so no other food items touched their tainted skins. She’s taking the remaining nectarines back to Costco, for a refund, and so that they can dispose of them. She doesn’t want the bacteria anywhere in her house…not even in the trash can.

    I too have been going crazy for nectarines this year. I am on my 5th or 6th flat from Costco here in California. I keep the emptied flats to use for picking my own home grown fruit and vegetables (plums, asian pears, apples, tomatoes etc…) so I was able to check them for the infected lot numbers, and luckily none of them are part of the recall. Add to that, even though I eat sometimes 3 or 4 a day, I have not gotten sick.

    It breaks my heart that so much beautiful and delicious fruit will go to waste because of human error in a packing plant. Those amazing Costco nectarines are a main staple for me every summer…I look forward to them all year. I hope this never happens again, but if it does, they need to notify the public IMMEDIATELY!!!! NOT 3 weeks to a month after the fact! People could die from such negligence.

    • C.B.

      You guys NEED to report this to the correct people, not here. Call your Health Department of the FDA, please. They need to stop going around telling everyone there are no known illnesses, when the “stomach virus” has been going around since June, interestingly enough, right when the listeria was noted!

  • Logan

    I’m a diabetic and it have eatin some of the peaches what sighs should I watch for

  • ASL

    My wife and daughter was struck with Listeria symptons after consuming white peach and rainier cherries a few days ago from the Fairfax Costco (No. VA) and I started to get those symptons yesterday. Be careful folks, this stuff is still out there.

    • Rick Evans

      ASL, I saw your post and noted how close you live and shop. I posted my experience a few days ago. I was taken to the ER by my wife and I truly thought I may not make it. I have MS and the sickness I was experiencing from eating those peaches exacerbated my MS symptoms so severely that almost a week later I remain very debilitated. Costco and this Wowona company have not returned telephone calls and from what we understand Wowona still claims there have been no reports of consumer illnesses from these products. There is no doubt in our minds that they are putting spin on this issue and keeping a lid on the truth.

  • Julie

    I have been very sick and my two kids as well, just got the email from sams club about the recall. Sweet. Got nectarines at a sams club in yuba city CA

  • Cowicide

    I purchased nectarines from Trader Joe’s that don’t seem to match up to the exact pictures shown. It looks just like the box for the Trader Joe’s peaches that are recalled. The Trader Joe’s store I called said to trash my nectarines and get refund. I wonder why these aren’t listed if Trader Joe’s is telling me to trash them? Very worrisome.

    I should note my GF got sick from them with diarrhea. It made me feel a little dizzy afterwards and loose stools afterwards, but I have a ridiculously strong immune system so that’s all they did to me for the most part.

    Fortunately, both of us are OK after eating about 2 or 3 of the nectarines each, but we might have just been lucky and got small doses, I dunno.

  • diana

    What stores were these items shipped too. I live in new york? Did they hit any big time supermarkets? I’m on hold waiting to speak to someone

  • martha

    What about plums that were given to me from a family member…think they got them from a food bank in San Francisco?

  • Laura

    Will cooking the fruit kill the listeria?

    • Timothy Gu

      Yes. According to this study (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0168160587900419) the bacteria can only survive in 67 degrees Celsius (152.6 F) water for 20 seconds. It is very tolerant to cold temperatures though

    • Marymary

      Laura, why take the chance? You could cross-contaminate other foods, utensils and surfaces while preparing the peaches, nectarines, or plums. If you have the implicated products, throw them out. Another option would be to call your local or state health department to see if they would be willing to test the fruit for listeria contamination. I would not bother with trying to cook the fruit, however.

  • kc324

    How can we find out the list of stores that carried Wawona Packing companies fruits? Their website does not include this.

  • diana

    I’ve been on hold for over an hour. I just want to know what stores the peaches went to

    • Terry J

      I called the stores corporate headquarters to find out which stores received those lot number. Walmart Corporate was helpful. The actual stores were not.

  • Julie

    I’m on my 3rd day of fatigue, muscle aches, headache and fever (the 1st day) and horrible diarrhea. I think it’s Listeria after reading the symptoms from all the previous posts. I think I contracted it from the sweet cherries I ate. 🙁

    • Sandra Wright

      I also have theese syptoms the worst part for me is the stiffness in my neck and legs the diareha is extrememly painfull i went to my docotr after telling him i recived a prerecored message from Sams saying the fruit was contminatede but didnt say with what i had been feeling like i had the flu for oer a week chills fever so wheni went to my Doc he was researchinbg the necterines and found out it was infected with Listeria needless to say he put me on Bactrum and anti nausua meds i feel a little better today doc said if no beter in 10 days come back iam scaeed to death

  • Kristen

    If they have been performing daily tests and replaced so much equipment it means they knew there was a problem at least a few days ago. I got the call today. My toddler and I bought organic nectarines on Saturday, but were still eating them this morning. It seems that at the time of that purchase the company must have known. This is bad.

  • saima

    I just saw this. I’m 37 weeks prego. Already called Doctor but anything I should do in mean time?

    • diana

      Im 36 and I want this baby more than.anything and I ate a peach about one month ago. If we get sick our babies could either die or get really sick. I cant even believe this

  • diana

    Ok. I bought peaches a month ago maybe a little longer. I ate one peach but washed it first in scolding hot water put it in a cup and ran extremely hot water over it and left it in there for about a minute. The peach was hot when I ate it. I have always been aware of listeria risk on everything but had no freaking clue there would be a fruit recall I’m 9 months pregnant I believe I.ate it at either 7.5 months or 8. I bought it from walbaums supermarket in ny. I tried to get info on where these fruits went they don’t know I cant believe how careless these people are listeria kills babies and even in late stage of pregnancy. Drs have done nothing but monitor the baby and everything is supposed to be fine. I had diarrhea once on Thursday night and again on Sunday morning. I had no.other symptoms I went to er they checked the baby and all looked good. I’m really freaking out now. I want to get a blood test. Any advice

  • Marymary

    For those of you who have become ill and suspect it was from consuming the fruit in question, get to your doctor and/or emergency department and insist that they test for listeriosis. This is usually a blood test, not a stool sample. Oftentimes, doctors will just send people home with a diagnosis of “stomach flu” or “food poisoning.” Insist on getting tested so that you can get proper treatment, especially since listeriosis can lead to serious complications such as septicemia and meningitis.

    It’s important to get tested for your own treatment and recovery and also to have the diagnosis reported to your local and/or state health department so that they can know the scope of this outbreak or potential outbreak.

    Although Aldi’s was not mentioned, I know that they sometimes use the same suppliers as Trader Joe’s. I am going to throw out everything in my produce drawer because the nectarines I purchased are in that drawer along with other items. That’s several dollars wasted, but better that than getting listeriosis.

  • oldcowvet

    If all these are tied back, this good be large outbreak, especially given the long incubation. Good luck to everyone.

  • Christie

    This sucks I am 9 weeks pregnant and myself and my 22 month old ate a whole bag of peaches last week then got a phone call today that they were recalled I’m in a panic we aren’t sick but it can take like 90 days to get sick and could kill my baby long before that any advice? Do you think I can get treated with antibiotics without symptoms

  • Gloria S.

    I just got a call tonight from Ralph’s/Kroeger grocery store where I bought yellow and white organic peaches a week ago. This tainted fruit has found its way to additional local stores also, as they stated the call was due to the fact that I had purchased Wawona fruit there. Just be careful and if you’ve purchased these fruits within the dates they’ve stated, I would certainly throw them out. We already ate some of the fruit, and I have had a lot of stomach rumbling and overall
    tiredness, but can’t say for sure that I have a touch of Listeria.

  • Grace

    I ate about 5 or 6 CA6910 peaches,i do not feel sick now, will I be ok later?

  • Sandra Wright

    I am feeling like i have the flu so i went to my Dr and told him of the necterines i had eaten and he diagnosed me with Listeria from the necterins i feel awfull hope these antibotics work Also i have been eating between 1 and 3 a day for over a week

  • Sandra Wright

    Apparently they r also recalling fruit pies with the fresh fruit it was made with so i dont think cooking them will get rid the Listeria i have and it horrible

  • thedebater

    I been sick with diarrhea, fatigue, nausea and pain but I don’t know if this is Listeria. I like to know if there is any test I can take to see if I have it.

  • Pat

    I have never had headaches before but I’ve been having them every afternoon for several weeks. Have eaten lots of peaches. Worried about meningitis have an autoimmune disease.

  • NewJerseyRanier

    In NJ I believe I was made sick by Ranier Cherries in early July….similar symptoms.

  • Marymary

    Called my local health department, but the person who answered the phone did not seem to know what was going on. Called again only to find out that the state health inspector was out with one of the local health inspectors, apparently going to stores regarding this recall. Don’t know why I wasn’t told that in the first place. Furthermore, I suspect that the fact that I called was never passed along to the inspector, who could have left word about what he wanted me to do. I know him, and he’s pretty conscientious, so I think he would have told the person who answered the phone what to do when I called back. By now, the local stores have probably discarded the fruit, yet I have nectarines I purchased on 7/21 that could have been tested. Aarrrgh! Very frustrating.

  • john kng

    how long from the time of consumption does listeria take effect. i ate 4 peaches this week..

  • Worried

    I am miscarrying . And I have ate nectarines for 2 months straight. Really bummed to be reading this.

  • Oginikwe

    I have been coming to FSN for a few years now and never have I seen a thread like this here before.
    It’s heartbreaking.

  • Kelly

    You are misinforming the public. Your dates are WRONG! It is not June 1-12, it is June 1st – JULY 12th!

  • kArEn

    I am sure you are overwhelmed but you must know my husband was VERY SICK due to eating white peaches sold at Costco in Danville CA 
    How can I report this if you wont pick up the phone or give an email to complain to. 
    VERY IRRESPONSIBLE  I have tried to call and go online and there is NO ANSWER or anyone to email. I sat on hold for over 45 min with the SAME recording over and over saying we will be right with you. I think we have been inconvenienced enough. A Ruined Holiday of having EVERY SYMPTOM FROM EATING THIS TAINTED FRUIT. 
    We have proof that we purchased over the counter drugs trying to combat these symptoms but to no avail. Thankfully I did not eat said fruit, my husband did on the way to the airport as we were going from Oakland to San Antonio TX to see my son Graduate from the Air Force and what should of been a joyous celebration was over shadowed by above symptoms. 
    I have also left a message with United States Department of Agriculture. 

    • Jenna

      USDA isn’t going to do anything. Fruits & veggies are FDA territory. Report this to your local or state health department asap.

  • kArEn

    Does anyone know if there is a blood test to prove you had Listeria witin the past week?

  • Jacob Park

    My wife ate a BUNCH of peaches from Kroger in early July and had flu like symptoms a few days after. It was not too bad for her, but the HUGE problem is that she is 8.5 months pregnant 🙁

    I hope and pray the baby will be safe and healthy (and that all the babies that potentially are hit by this are ok!) but it’s ridiculous that word gets out AFTER THE FACT.

    I wonder if a really big lawsuit is in the works?

    • Bev

      Have you heard anything yet? I am pregnant and want to know more.

  • shari

    After eating almost 3 bags of nectarine , I became very ill on …horrible diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness,
    fatigue and total loss of appetite. I was very concerned about my health…I’m an senior and live alone . I had to suffer for over 3 weeks before i was able to take myself to the emergency room.. I feel this company should be force to pay us for pain and suffering and our hospital bills. I am so tired of these cramps in my belly and vomiting. I cannot keep anything down..Im so hungry.. I call the Sam’s club i purching those necterine from and was advise to return them..Dam, I already ate 3 bags!!!! my email is shari2k2@yahoo.com if anyone out there has any advice for me.

  • Sam C.

    I purchased nectarines from one of these stores and have been sick every since I ate ALL of them. I can’t get my money back now so what is my recourse? I was racking my brain trying to figure out what I ate that caused me to be so ill until I heard about these recalls.

  • Lankesh

    Hi all, I took my son to the doctor and explained the problem – my son got diarrhea the next day after eating the nectarines – on July 15th. I got call from Sams club on 21st. I got the appointment today and visited the doctor. He just got shocked, and referred about the problems, said to wait because my son diarrhea for one day (july 15th). If anyone from our family gets anykind of symptoms, he advised us to come immediately or go to ER.
    My question is – Is he alright if diarrhea is for a day and then no symptoms? Or still I need to wait for 2- 3 weeks or 70 days for the occurence of symptoms?
    In our family we all ate the fruits, and there is no peace of mind, in this summer vacation, and not planning to go anywhere.
    If bacteria is inside the fruit for 2-3 weeks, can we take that 2-3 weeks as incubation period?
    Please share your doctor’s advice that helps all of the people who ate fruits.

  • Bev

    I have had mild flu like symptoms and headaches for 5 days now, thought it was my prenatal pills until I got the phone call from QFC. I live in Seattle BTW. I am 25 weeks pregnant and very nervous now. I went to the DR. and made them take a blood culture to see if I have it. I am so happy I found this article because there isn’t much out there with people reporting symptoms like mine. I do know one thing, I would rather be safe than sorry. I hope when the test comes back its nothing. I just don’t know what is making me feel icky though. I felt like I was getting sick but not quite there. My headaches I thought was from the prenatal pills and have been taking Tylenol to get rid of it. Please post on here if you tested positive for Listeria people so we all know the truth sooner than later. Staying informed is the key!!! And thank you everyone for posting, now I know I am not some over reacting prego mom.

    • Concerned mama

      What were the results of your blood test? I too am pregnant and am worried about listeria due to this recall (been having diarrhea the past 3 days).

  • Ashleigh

    If anyone is still trying to get thru to Winona the best time to call is 5am PST/8am EST. I called first thing when they opened and got through right away. Our family bought the plums in the recall at the end of June but we purchased them from Safeway and we were told it is a nationwide recall affecting all stores and to return them. It isn’t just costco, trader joes, and wegmens. My 9 year old ate four of the plums, and had diarrhea for a week maybe a week or two after consuming them. No other symptoms yet though. We also purchased nectarines/peaches from Kroger but they had a different sticker on it (not sweet 2 eat), still wondering if I should toss these just to be safe. My daughter ate a peach and nectarine and I ate one peach. I’ve had a headache and have been nauseous the past few days with slight diarrhea. Hoping for the best.

  • Dee M

    When someone posts a comment about getting ill from the possibly contaminated fruit—I think it would help if we note the type of fruit eaten —the day it was purchased–and where it was purchased.
    A friend and myself purchased 2 lugs of peaches at the Costco in St. George on July 9th.
    To date no one that has eaten them has gotten sick but they were listed on the recall list.
    I did notify Costco that we purchased these items and they were on the recall list.

  • Tugba Ergat

    Have been sick for 4 days. Finally went to see my primary care doctor and he suspected Listeria. Fatigue, headache, dizziness, abdominal pain, chills, I have been miserable. I missed a day at work when abdominal pain was crucial that I couldn’t move. They have the nerve to say there is no one who got sick. I hope the pregnant women and their babies will be ok.

    • Sona

      Tugba , did the dr give you antibiotics or just asked you to let it pass?

  • Lankesh

    Hi Tugba Ergat, did the doctor advised antibiotics? Did you have a blood work to confirm it? Please post your reply.

  • Sandee

    Did these fruits make it to the West Coast (California?)

  • Concerned Mormor

    Has anyone had Listeria symptoms in the Northern Virginia area, from Wegmans peaches? Our granddaughter has had recurring fever and three of the other symptoms?

    • Rick Evans

      Yes. See my post of 7 days ago.

    • Marymary

      Wegman’s was one of the stores mentioned. I believe they had also used the peaches in some of their baked goods, which they have recalled.

  • Sandra Wright

    I was dianosed with Listeria i had been feeling like i hadthe flu my neck and legs had so much pain i couldnt get out of bed iam being treated for Listeria so these people need to update it because there is a out break of it

  • drpprmt

    I am over 65 and am very careful with fresh fruits and vegetables. Apparently while putting the peaches and plums away, I took a few bites of some chocolate or grapes and I now have Listeria. Normally I wash my hands after putting groceries away. I didn’t think about eating something while putting them away.

    I have been ill for almost a month. I started out very tired, I slept for several days figuring I had a touch of something. I then woke up with a stiff neck thinking I slept crooked. That was followed by horrible headaches. I have migraines and my migraine medicine didn’t work. These headaches were all across the top and sides of my head. This made my stomach upset.

    I am on antibiotics and am still very tired. I slept all weekend. At least the terrible feeling of something dreadfully wrong in my core is gone. I just didn’t feel well. This is not a fun thing to get. I have lost the entire month of July.
    Washington State. I purchased my plums and peaches at Costco.

  • Mom2b

    Please share any confirmed results of listeria and the location where you purchased fruit! I’m 31weeks pregnant and am hysterical that I had been eating a lot of the recalled fruits in June (nectarines from Wegmans in Chestnut Hill, MA and peaches from BJs in Hyannis, MA). I will try to get a blood test first thing tomorrow. So terrifying.

  • Concerned mama

    For those of you who are pregnant, what have been your symptoms and how are you being treated?

    • MyfirstBabyat37

      I’m 27 weeks pregnant with my first baby, I live in Boise Idaho. I purchased & consumed a bunch of nectarines throughout June 1st-July 19th. Before the fruit recall became public… I became really sick on June 26th, where I came down with the worst stomach pains & diarrhea I’ve ever had in my life. It lasted for a few hours & then the next day I was very weak but better. I called my doctor & was told that the baby & me should be fine if I was staring to fee better. I kept buying & consuming nectarines in the meantime. Then, I found out about the fruit recall on July 24th by a phone call from my local Fred Meyer Kroger grocery store where I purchased the fruit. I immediately called my doctor same day & was treated with high dose amoxicillin for listeriosis for 15 days. I was told that my baby should be just fine, however I’m still worried about that whole month that I didn’t get treated & what it could listeria have done to my baby. I also still worry that he amoxicillin didn’t penetrate to the baby. I’ve been reading on a lot of listeriosis medical studies & there is no guarantee amoxicillin will kill the bacteria 100% & that it could still come back to infect the unborn fetus. You should get treatment right away if you ate the recalled fruit as a precaution. Also my doctor did not want to do a blood test prior to treatment because it can take a long time for test results to come back, & even then the mom may not show signs of positive listeriosis but her unborn baby may still have it. Read this article it’s one if the best ones I could fine so far: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2621056/

  • I got hit with this after buying produce from QFC They’ve since cleared the stock of it. If it’s any help as to indicators, the peach pits pretty much came apart after slicing the peach in half. Symptoms I had were fatigue, vomiting, shakes, and cold sweats. Yogurt was about the only thing I could keep down, but I guess the cultures in it were also helpful in negating the bacteria, so maybe that’ll help others.

  • Ryan

    My wife had a miscarriage last week. She was very ill after eating this product. I have called my local health dept, FDA,Walmart, and Wawano. I am very upset and I am awaiting a call from Wawona’s medical professionals. The word needs to get out.

  • Ryan

    I had a recent post but wanted to share some follow up details with everyone. I purchased the peaches and plums on July 7th. My entire family became ill. My wife was 9 weeks pregnant. We had a ultrasound prior to her becoming ill and the pregnancy was going well. After she became ill, we went to see her MD. She had a miscarriage the week she was ill. I contacted the packing company and have a follow conversation planned with their medical team. I have contacted the vice-president of food and safety at Walmart( product purchased at SAMS). He will have FDA contact me and asked that I call my local health dept ASAP. I have reported both my wife, mine, and our 4 children’s symptoms. I do appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers. If you are truly concerned do the right thing. I have no financial interest in this, PLEASE report this to your local health dept. It is the only way tis will get the attention it needs. The symptoms are relatively mild if you are healthy but if you are immunocompromised it can be very serious. This is the same bacteria that killed over 40 people last year with cantelopes. Please take this serious and contact your local health dept.

  • Plum full of them

    I received an email from Sam’s Club stating I MAY have purchased some of these products. I chekced the package & it has the same UPC Bar Code however, these plums were Packed By Family Tree Farms of Reedley, CA. Is this pakcing company affiliated at all with the Winona Packing Co. in Cutler, CA

    • california farmer

      No, completely different company. You should not have an issue.

  • MBSC

    I ate the whole case myself. (i love Fruit although now I don’t know) I started to get sick but thought I caught something. A few days later I started getting pain in my neck a jaw and developed a severe headache. Again thought I was sick. I was lying in bed and decided to check my email and there it was from Sams club. I thought what is that? I looked it up and got very nervous. I went to the doctor and he placed me on an antibiotic. I was really annoyed Sams notified me through email. I get so many advertisements in my email that I usually ignore it. When I signed up for Sams they wanted all my personal information to include a phone number. They should have sent out a blanket message to the their customers. A few days ago I found one of the pits. I was eating the nectarine in the car and as you know if you eat them they are very juicy. I used a small towel so I wouldn’t drip the juice. I forgot the pit was wrapped in there. I am trying to find pictures of a healthy pit vs infected one but cannot find one. I know the one I found did not look like any pit I’ve ever seen. The doctor did not take a blood test so I have no idea but I am still nervous what if the antibiotic didn’t work how would you know? I’ve read articles that say it can affect you months later.

  • citruscnb

    My husband just bought some plums at a local Walmart and I’m concerned since they didn’t have any stickers.

  • MidNite002

    I bought nectarines last Wed from Bel Air in Auburn Ca. I ate 3 of them, Friday I was so ill. The worst stomach
    Pain I’ve ever felt! Along with nausea, leg cramps and headache. I haven’t been to the doctor. I’m to sick to drive. It’s been one full week and I still feel terrible! !

  • Philip B

    Sure. Glad to join the discussion. We bought peaches at Costco and received the recall message. By that time we had finished all but a few of the peaches and had gotten sick as well. The doctors also wrote it off to a virus and never tested for Listeria and the Vermont State Health Department couldn’t be bothered with it either, despite our suggestion that they check into it. You would think that they would at least be interested in ruling the possibility out. Having worked in the field of Microbiology, I thought they would at least have wanted to rule the possibility out, particularly as it is a public health concern and an unsafe situation for pregnant women. My wife and I were not particularly at risk and as far as I can determine just ended up with a self limiting case of gastrointestinal discomfort, etc., and some of the other minor symptoms, but just the same this ticks me off. Makes me question just how capable our health care system is when it comes to dealing with such problems and thankful that at least for us it was no more serious than this. You would think that both the doctors and the State Health Departments scientific curiosity and desire to have a read on the extent of the problem, would have prompted them to follow up on this. I know that my scientific curiosity was peaked and I would have liked to know the extent of the problem, both to help protect those that were at risk and to find a possible solution to any problem in our food distribution network. I really can’t express how disappointed I am in our health care system here in Vermont when it comes to this subject.

  • mommy of an angel

    I just heard about this the other day. I was eating peaches and plums all of June. I was 35-38 weeks pregnant. I woke up a few day after eating some of the fruit with a really bad upset stomach along with throwing up and diarrhea. I went into the dr at 38weeks+6days when I found out my baby had no heart beat. I had her still born on July 4th. Is there anyone working on the case for the families that lost loved ones from eating the fruits?

    • Rick Evans

      Rick Evans

      21 days ago

      I just saw your post today. Here is my experience.

      I bought peaches at Costco on July 12th and ate a couple a few days
      later after they softened. I was awakened early(5a.m.) on Thursday 7-17
      with severe abdominal cramps, chills, diarrhea, vertigo and mental
      confusion. The symptoms continued to worsen during the evening and
      night.My wife drove me to the ER at 6 a.m. on Fri. 7-18. I could
      not walk, keep my eyes open due to the vertigo and nausea. The ER
      staff infused fluids, took blood cultures(results won’t be back until
      tomorrow), treated me for the abdominal cramps and nausea, gave me
      antibiotics and a few hours later had my wife take me back home. I have
      been only able to lay around for the past 3 days, feeling nauseous,
      dizzy and severely weak, especially when attempting to walk. Yesterday
      was the first day I was able to eat some crackers and yogurt. Last
      night we got a robo-call from Costco telling us of the recall. The
      Costco Warehouse where we bought the peaches did not know if they had
      sold the Lot CA6910 identified in the robo-call. They said they would
      do some “further investigating” and call me back. There is no doubt in
      my mind that those peaches cause my illness. (my suggestion is to gather all of the documentation(medical), contact the FDA and CDC complete their reports and then contact the Wanona Packing Co. in Culver, CA., but be careful in what you tell them on the phone. You just want to make a report. I have not heard of any legal class actions in the works but I’m pretty sure something will be in the making. You may want to contact your own personal injury attorney)

  • alyssa ross

    i am also not happy can you belive what they sell wow this is bad stop eating nectarines

  • Herb Brisbois

    i’m 58 and just put 2 and 2 together after reading an email from ralphs! legal action?

  • Jessica Williams

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