Dan Flynn, editor-in-chief of Food Safety News, and a person who I have known since he was a reporter at the Lewiston Morning Tribune covering a very young, and a bit radical, 19-year-old Pullman City Council member, is heading to Foodpolis in South Korea this week to plant the Food Safety News flag in Asia. Travel safely, Dan. While he is gone (Dan is never really gone), James Andrews, managing editor, Lydia Zuraw, in the D.C. office, and Cathy Siegner, somewhere in Montana, will ably hold down the Internet in the name of a safer food supply. For these people and friends, I am thankful, and you should be, too. I am also thankful for the tens of thousands of Food Safety News subscribers, Facebook and Twitter followers, and the millions who read Food Safety News every month. But, what I am most thankful for are all of those in food safety – in and out of farming, manufacturing, retail and government – who care that the food that we feed our families this day is healthful and safe. Here’s to a happy and well-cooked Thanksgiving.