The ongoing multistage outbreak of cyclosporiasis, caused by the cyclospora parasite, has risen significantly to 321 cases in 15 states, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday.

According to the latest update, cases have been reported in Iowa, Texas, Florida, New York City, Wisconsin, Georgia, Missouri, Arkansas, Connecticut, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Ohio. Illinois and Kansas have also notified CDC of one case each that may have been acquired out of state but in the United States.

CDC said At least 18 persons reportedly have been hospitalized in three states.

“No food items have been implicated to date, but public health authorities are pursuing all leads,” read the update. “Previous outbreak investigations have implicated various types of fresh produce.”

Cyclospora infection causes a watery diarrhea that lasts an average of 57 days, if untreated, according to IDPH. Most of the illnesses in the current outbreak began in mid to late June. Many people report still being ill and some have had relapses, according to the update.

Anyone experiencing diarrhea, or have recently had a long bout with diarrhea, should contact their health care provider and see if they should be tested for Cyclospora infection.

Photo courtesy of flickr Creative Commons.

  • GGma Sheila

    321 cases in 15 states and no leads??

  • jorgaone

    You don’t actually believe that the CDC investigates these things, do you?
    They PRACTICE finding out about illness–just like your Doctor practices medicine…
    Eventually, someone will come up with a hypothesis that they think might be right–and they will run with it…I’d consider, rather, mosquitoes…not food.

  • VAVictim

    I have been suffering with symptoms for 17 days. I went to my doctor and my blood work was abnormal. I then submitted a stool sample to find it was negative. I am 99.9% sure I have this. I am pressing my doctor to find out what type of testing was done. Articles which I read say that this parasite cannot be detected under a microscope. Since only one diagnosis was made via telediagnosis, I am wonder why this isn’t being used in ALL suspected cases! I can only begin to guess that states want their numbers to be low. This isn’t life-threatening and cant be spread easily between people, so what’s the rush, right? I waited a full week (and now longer getting additional testing information) for results that I am not sure are accurate. This leads me to think that the number of people infected is way higher than believed.

    • bebej25

      i work in a lab most of the time routine stool samples are only tested for certain parasites the doctors have to specifically ask for it to be test for cyclospora because it requires a special stain to be seen.

  • CA

    We had about 10 people getting sick at a get together. Apparently it reached CA too.

  • hshields

    Why are the FDA and CDC withholding the truth about the source of the
    cyclospora pathogen which is sickening hundreds of people across the
    US? The FDA AND CDC KNOW cyclospora originates in human feces and
    can be spread in sewage sludge biosolids used for crop “fertilizer” and
    reclaimed sewage effluent water used for crop “irrigation”. The US
    EPA promotes the use of sludge biosolids and tainted irrigation water
    for farming to enable big cities and urban areas to dump their toxic,
    pathogenic wastes in Rural America “on the cheap” -and that is why the
    truth is being covered up.