If Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam wants to have county superstar Carrie Underwood on his doorstep, apparently all he has do to is sign the Animal Cruelty and Abuse Act just passed by his state legislature. At least that’s the “threat” Underwood tweeted out on Thursday, adding “Who’s with me?” Apparently the Tennessee Senate and House are not with the Nashville star on this one. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Tennessee’s version of “ag-gag” passed the Senate 22-to-9 and the House 50-to-43. Underwood then added her celebrity to the opposition to the bill, which would become law with the Governor’s signature. If so, Tennessee would become the seventh state to adopt some version of an “ag-gag” law. Nashville lawmakers limited their bill to requiring anyone taking photographs or shooting video of animal abuse to turn unedited copies over to law enforcement within 24 hours. As adopted, the bill contains no penalty for not adhering to the reporting requirement. If signed, the act will take effect July 1. Underwood is an animal activist and vegetarian. She is known for raising money to support animal shelters. “Ag-gag” laws are opposed by animal welfare groups involved in undercover investigations of commercial animal agricultural enterprises.