Nina International Wednesday recalled pepper it imported to the U.S. from Ghana for distribution to African and other ethnic food stores in the Washington D.C. area including Maryland and Virginia. Product subject to recall is the Nina brand of Ground Hot Pepper sold in 5 oz. bottles. Nina’s Chris Dabi told Food Safety News that based on routine testing results, the Hyattsville, MD importer found that the pepper might be contaminated with Salmonella. “We are concerned with anything that might not be 100 percent,” Dabi said. In addition to recalling pepper that might be on store shelves, Nina ceased distribution of the product until it can identify the source of the problem. The product is in a 5 oz, clear plastic container inscribed with “Nina International, The Best Brand” and “Ground Hot Pepper, Chillies, All Natural.” It has a yellow seal with a red “Nina” inscription and is marked with barcode 745851004004. According to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, the U.S. last year imported $300 million worth of agricultural products from Ghana, but pepper is not among the African county’s top exports. Salmonella is a foodborne pathogen that can cause serious illness and even death.