Trader Joe’s Valencia Creamy Salted Peanut Butter may be at the center of a multistate Salmonella S. Bredeny outbreak, according to warnings from multiple state departments of health. The Pennsylvania Department of Health, the Rhode Island Department of Health and the Massachusetts Department of Health said Friday that each is working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to pinpoint the cause of 29 illnesses nationwide, including at least two cases in PA, three in MA and one in NY & RI. ¬†Maryland also has at least one case. “Trader Joe’s has voluntarily removed the product for sale from its stores; however, consumers who have the product in their homes should discard it and should also be aware that this product is sold online through other retail outlets,” said the Pennsylvania state officials, in a release, adding that anyone who recently consumed the product and then became ill should consult their healthcare provider or call the health department. Rhode Island officials said the affected peanut butter had use by dates between May 23, 2013 and June 28, 2013. Symptoms of salmonella infection included diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps 6 to 72 hours after infection. The illness usually lasts 2 to 7 days, and most people recover without treatment. However, in some cases, the diarrhea may be so severe that the patient requires hospitalization. Older adults, infants and those with impaired immune systems are more likely to have a severe illness from salmonella infection. Photo courtesy of