The July 18 recall of white and yellow onions grown by Gills Onions has prompted another series of recalls, as more salsas, salads, canned foods and other items get called back for possible Listeria contamination. Five more companies issued product recalls over the weekend: 1. Simmering Soup, Inc. recalled its Trader Joe’s-brand Salsa and Balela containing the onions. The two products under recall are: – 16-ounce Mild Salsa with a use-by date of August 9, SKU # 082584 and UPC # 00285841. – 8-ounce Balela with a use-by date of July 31, SKU # 068306 and UPC # 00683067 2. Whole Foods Market has recalled a list of products from 17 stores in Florida: Baby Shrimp Salad Beet & Goat Cheese Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette Beet Dressing Chunky Ranch Vegetable Salad No Oil Added Cranberry Tuna Salad Roll Family Sized Savings Thousand Island Potato Salad Miso Dressing Miso Kissed Cukes New York City Corned Beef On Rye Pasta with Long Beans & Arame in Creamy Beet Vinaigrette Ranch Dressing No Oil Added Ranch Iceberg Salad Wedge No Oil Added Russian Coleslaw Russian Salad Santa Fe Turkey Salad No Oil Added Seasonal Succotash Shrimp Salad Sandwich Shrimp with Snow Peas Soy & The Sea Tempeh Salad Thousand Island Chicken Salad Thousand Island Chicken Salad Roll Thousand Island Chicken Salad Sandwich Thousand Island Potato Salad Thousand Island Shrimp Salad Thousand Island Surimi Thousand Island Surimi Crab Salad Roll Thousand Island Surimi Salad Three Bean Salad Tofu Japonaise Tuna with Cranberries Salad Sandwich Tuna with Sun-Dried Cranberries Tuna with Sun-Dried Cranberries & Lemon Turkey Spring Roll 3. Wegmans Food Market is recalling five cold-prepared products sold in three Pennsylvania stores: Southwest Chilled Stew with Red and White Beans Wegmans Veggie Pizza, large 56 oz.  16 inch  UPC 23771701399 Wegmans Veggie Pizza, medium 28 oz. 12 inch  UPC 23771100999 Wingless Buffalo Blue Cheese Dip, 32 oz.  UPC 21783202199 Crab/Pepper Jack Dip, 32 oz.  UPC 21784002199 4. Cool Creations, LLC has recalled a number of products distributed across Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma: Product Description / Net Weight / UPC Bean Dip Bowl / 10 oz / 815970011198 Bean Dip Platter / 45 oz / 815970010375 Bean Dip Bowl / 20 oz / 815970010368 Bean Dip Tray / 20 oz / 815970011648 Diced Yellow Onion / 10 oz / 815970011082 Diced Yellow Onion / 5 oz / 815970010153 Pico de Gallo / 16 oz / 815970011013 Pico de Gallo / 8 oz / 815970010252 Fajita Mix Griller / 10 oz / 815970011341 Potato & Mushroom Griller / 12 oz / 815970011334 Beef Stew Kit / 32 oz / 815970011150 Vegetable Medley Griller / 20 oz / 815970011259 Asparagus Medley Griller / 10 oz / 815970011440 Squash Medley Griller / 12 oz / 815970011389 Kabob Kit / 24 oz / 815970011792 Fiesta Salsa BEAN CORN / 16 oz / 829595000055 Fiesta Salsa GARLIC/ 16 oz / 829595000062 Fiesta Salsa HOT / 16 oz / 829595000048 Fiesta Salsa MILD / 16 oz / 829595000017 Fiesta Salsa PINEAPPLE / 16 oz / 829595000079 5. GH Foods CA, LLC is initiating a large recall of products distributed to a number of stores across the western U.S. Follow this link to read the full details of that recall. Another Recall Announced Monday Huxtable’s Kitchen, which has already recalled its Trader Joe’s brand barbecue chicken sandwiches because they were made with the recalled diced onions, announced Monday that it is also recalling its Trader Joe’s brand Roasted Butternut Squash, Red Quinoa & Wheatberry Salad because this product contains the recalled Gill’s Onions as well. The salads subject to this recall come in a 9.5 oz. clear plastic container and are marked with use-by dates of 7/28/2012 and 7/30/2012, which can be found on a sticker on the front of the package. Trader Joe’s has removed the affected product from shelves in stores where they were sold, including those in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington. No illnesses have been linked to this recall. Customers with questions can contact Huxtable’s Kitchen at 323-923-2885 Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm PDT. Editor’s Note: The recall of Huxtable’s Roasted Butternut Squash, Red Quinoa and Wheatberry Salad was announced after this article was originally published. This page has been updated to include the new recall. Click here to view the label of the recalled Trader Joe’s salad.

  • John

    I wish that you and all the rest of the websites/journals/magazines out there would please avoid using misleading imagery with these stories. CHOPPED onions are being recalled, yet there is a picture of a whole onion. We know what onions are, there is no need for a non-related picture of an onion. A picture of the recalling company’s logo, or a picture of diced onions would be far more accurate and helpful.

  • husna aijaz (MS Food Science)

    Diced produce can get contaminated with microbes during post-harvest processing such as peeling, cutting or even packaging if it comes in contact with unclean processing equipment or contaminated water source. Listeria, a gram positive bacteria is known to grow multiple fold during refrigeration storage! Period!
    For a company to avoid future recalls like this, solutions are present depending, on the cost the company is willing to take! The following interventions can be useful from my perspective:
    •Chemical interventional technology has been successful for diced produce-acidified sodium chlorite or ozone as a sanitizing agent is effective in reducing the multiplication of Listeria during refrigerated storage.
    • An alternate to chemical intervention would be to use ssential oils
    • physical interventional strategies like irradiation or high pressure processing is promising as well.
    •Biological interventions are now in the market.
    Hurdle technology is the best solution to the problem in this scenario, and any food scientist would recommend it!
    An interesting review article for those interested:

  • Brian Smith

    Can anyone help me find the corporate website for GH Foods CA, LLC? They’re one of the companies involved in the chopped onion recall. They’ve also had Listeria issues with other products they supply to Walgreens stores in Arizona and California. I’ve tried to find a corporate homepage, but it appears that this food manufacturer does not have one. Strange! If they are just a sham LLC beneath a larger company, who is the parent company?
    Signed – A confused consumer.