Standard Process Inc. of Palmyra, Wisconsin is voluntarily recalling three dietary supplements due to potential Salmonella Contamination:

  • Cataplex ACP (Product numbers 0700 and 0750) Lot 114
  • Cataplex C (Product numbers 1650 and 1655) Lot 114
  • Pancreatophin PMG (Product number 6650) Lot 114

The products were distributed in 60 cc and 200 cc amber glass bottles with best-by dates of May 2013. Routine testing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found that one of the ingredients in these products was potentially contaminated with Salmonella. Those who have purchased these products with the specific codes and lot numbers should return them to retailers for a refund. Call Standard Process Inc. at 866-397-3237 if you have any questions.

  • This sound pretty scary.

  • Pleaidians

    FYI – The medical mafia likes to poison holistic supplements that are effective. I know they have done it to other holistic supplement companies. They also like to poison the medical practioner and murder them. See the news how 3 holistic practiioners were murdered in Florida this month and see how 2 more are now missing.