Taylor Farms of Salinas, California received welcome news Friday when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration informed the company that the bagged salad it had been asked to recall for potential E. coli contamination was in the clear after all. On May 30th, a sample of the salad product taken from a restaurant in Florida and analyzed by the Rhode Island Department of Health tested positive for E. coli O157:H7, prompting a recall of bagged salads bearing codes STF137A3, STF137A4, STF138B3 and STF138B4. But by the middle of the next day, FDA informed the company that the test had returned a false positive result, meaning that E. coli O157:H7 was actually not detected in the product despite initial test results showing the presence of the bacteria. “We took the appropriate action based on FDA information, and now we are rescinding [the recall],” said Taylor Farms’ president Alec Leach, according to The Packer. Leach expressed his disappointment in the situation: “Unfortunately significant damage has occurred to our business and our customers’ businesses due to the recall.” But in a recall issued a week earlier, baby bagged spinach from another Taylor company – Taylor Farms Retail, Inc. – did not get the green light after Salmonella was detected in a sample of the finished product. For a list of products subject to this recall, click here. And in October of last year, a series of salad blends also manufactured by Taylor Farms Retail was subject to a recall for potential Salmonella contamination. A total of 3,265 cases of product were recalled as a result.