New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning suffered from an E. coli infection before his team’s conference playoff game with the San Francisco 49ers, Frost Illustrated, reports. Frost is  a news site in Indianapolis, this year’s Super Bowl city.

Manning left practice during the week before the NFC championship game because, the team said, he had a bout with the flu.   

As Manning practiced for Super Bowl XLVI Sunday in Indianapolis, Dr. Gerald W. Deas said that before the Giants-49ers battle, Manning “was struck in the gut with a bacteria known as E. coli.”

While not disclosing its source for concluding Manning was suffering from E. coli infection and not the flu, the Frost pointed to the QB’s repeated trips to the bathroom during practice and his “washed out” and “dehydrated” look as being consistent with E. coli symptoms.

Whatever it was, Manning was well enough two Sundays ago to throw 316 yards for two touchdowns, lifting the Giants over the 49ers, 20-17.   On Sunday, he’ll square off against New England’s Tom Brady.