Three U.S. Department of Agriculture scientists were recently named to the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Science Hall of Fame, including zoologist Ronald Fayer who has done a broad range of work in food and water safety.

ronaldfayer.jpgFayer works in the ARS Environmental Microbial and Food Safety Laboratory in Beltsville, MD, and is being recognized for scientific research leadership on parasites that infect animals and humans, particularly pathogens affecting food animals and food safety, according to USDA.

“He has led a range of work on parasite identification and host-parasite relationships and his work has resulted in significant innovations on parasite controls that have helped secure food safety and food supplies around the world,” said the announcement. “Results from his findings have been widely adopted by pharmaceutical researchers, epidemiologists, veterinarians and other health professionals who track and control parasite infestations and foodborne illness.”

ARS lists a variety of research by Fayer, from cryptosporidium in cattle to intestinal parasites in raw oysters. More about Fayer’s research can be found here.

Soil scientist Ronald F. Follett and agricultural engineer Allen R. Dedrick were also honored to the hall of fame. ARS established its Science Hall of Fame in 1986 to recognize agency researchers for lifelong achievements in agricultural sciences and technology. Recipients must be retired or eligible to retire to receive the award.


Ronald Fayer photo courtesy USDA Agricultural Research Service