FDA is expanding its earlier warning to include additional frozen oyster products from Korea that have been linked to three norovirus cases in Washington state.


In a Nov. 4, 2011 release FDA notified the public of the recall of one lot, C-110223,  of quick frozen oyster meat packed by Central Fisheries Co. Ltd.

Some of the additional recalled lots, announced Wednesday, include breaded frozen shucked oysters.  An additional company in Korea, Daihung Mulsan, Inc. has also been identified as a distributor/exporter of harvested product from the area in question during the period February 23-March 16, 2011. 

Direct importation of the product was limited to distributors in California, New Jersey and Maryland. Specific brands involved in the expanded recall, as well as any additional distribution points in the United States, have not yet been confirmed. FDA says it will update that information, including photos and other important information, as it becomes available.

Consumers who have recently purchased frozen oysters imported from Korea, listed here, should not eat them and should return the product to the place of purchase or dispose of the oysters safely.

  • Frozen Oysters from KOREA or any kind of oyster from Korea, China, South East Asia etc should not be allowed in this country, when there is absolutely no verification of any reliable food safety standards from these and other countries. Let alone that this nation has monster of a problem of such shell sea food that originated from the gulf of Mexico, of shore NC, SC, Parts of GA and FL. From a consumer prospective food poisoning and these recalls plus taking the product back to the retail store etc is getting the biggest ever problem. As a Ph.D Forensic Toxicologists and Lab Medicine Professional recently was afflicted with Listeria and am astounded that the local ER facility staffed by these third party outside doctors have no idea where to send or submit sample to either CDC, FDA or USDA.