Last week I opted to dispense with sharing some more good news about Food Safety News in order to share another of my solutions for solving a food safety problem.  I’m going to get to the good news.

For the record, I think I’ve only advanced two ideas for food safety.  Last week it was my medical marijuana model for keeping raw milk out of the mouths of children, while giving adults a little more access to that thick white liquid.

The only other time I’ve wandered into problem solving is my advocacy for a federal fee based food safety system rather than the “taxpayer” system we have today.   

In reality that means that for every dollar we need to inspect food today, we are going into debt with the likes of the Chinese for the next 30 or 40 years.

But why worry when there are so many great things going on at Food Safety News?  We’ve been in business for exactly one year and five months. For yours truly, that has been just time enough to produce 1,000 entries under this byline; news articles and this weekly column.

Food Safety News  was named earlier this month by the FDAzilla Blog as one of the “Top 40 Websites (and Tweeters) on the FDA.” We were honored to be the only food safety site to make the list.  All the rest cover the “D” part of the FDA, meaning drugs and medical devices.

About Food Safety News, FDAzilla said: “This is the only one I go to.”  

For our part we’ve been delighted to spend more time on this valuable site, which among many other features, maintains a database of FDA employees. Thanks for the honor!

Then there was good news from our own Tweet Deck. Helena Bottemiller at our Washington D.C. bureau gets all the credit for keeping the Food Safety News Tweet Deck all ship-shape.  

This week she told us that the famous food writer Mark Bittman, who has something north of 100,000 followers on Twitter, picked up my story about a  little juiced bob calf going to market

Meanwhile twilling around Twitter-verse on its own was Mary Rothschild’s piece about getting all your fruits and vegetables for $2.50 a day.  Always nice when you figure out what people are really interested in.

At the same time, Helena went and got herself interviewed by those well-pronounced interviewers from the BBC.  All of which tells us we must be doing something right.

Until next week.