Charcuterie La Tour Eiffel Saturday recalled its sliced and shaved La Belle Bretagne Cooked Garlic Roasted Pork and Tour Eiffel Roasted Pork Old Style.

The public was warned not to eat the roast pork products because they may be undercooked.


Undercooked pork can contain parasites or harmful bacteria and consumption could result in illness.  No illnesses have yet been associated with recalled pork

These products are known to have been distributed in Quebec, but may have been distributed outside the province as well. 

These roasted pork products were sold in a 175-gram retail package with a Best Before date of Nov. 18, Dec. 2 and in variable weight with a best before date of Dec. 25 and 31. 

They were also sold at deli counters as shaved or sliced La Belle Bretagne Cooked Garlic Roasted Pork with a Best Before date of Dec. 14, 26, Jan. 3 or 9, and Tour Eiffel Roasted Pork Old Style with a Best Before date of Dec. 31. 

Some deli packages may not bear a label indicating brand or a Best Before date. Consumers are advised to check their refrigerators and dispose of any affected product or return it to the store where it was purchased for a full refund. 

If the original product identity or Best Before date is not evident, consumers are advised to check with the retailer or supplier to determine if the product is affected.

Pork must be thoroughly cooked before eating. Consumption of undercooked pork could result in a wide range of symptoms that may include but are not limited to: vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, headache and body ache. 

Most healthy people will recover from most illnesses caused by eating undercooked pork within a short period of time. But in rare cases, chronic, severe, or even life-threatening symptoms may occur.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is working to ensure that  the Charcuterie La Tour Eiffel pork product is removed the marketplace.

Anyone with concerns or questions about the recall should contact Charcuterie Tour Eiffel at 1-877-858-8800 or contact the CFIA at 1-800-442-2342 / TTY 1-800-465-7735 (8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern time, Monday to Friday).