The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released a new video this week in an effort to create economic opportunities in rural communities by promoting local and regional food systems.

The video provides commentary from USDA Under Secretary Kathleen Merrigan encouraging the American public to research where their food comes from.
“Very few people now are connected directly to a farm. My grandparents. Farmers. My children are not connected to my grandparents. They’ve lost that string. And so few people understand how food and fiber is produced in this country and we want to make that reconnection,” said Merrigan in the video.
The video is the latest effort by the USDA to promote the Know Your Farmer Know Your Food Initiative launched in September of 2009.  The initiative, chaired by Merrigan, was announced on Sept. 15 and has already received $65 million in funding. 
Other recent efforts by the USDA include a website that highlights local and regional food systems while also noting the multiple connections between farmers and consumers.  In addition, the website provides a page where consumers can search for their local farmers markets.