Westchester County, NY Health Commissioner Dr. Cheryl Archbald announced this week that customers who purchased uncooked foods or sandwiches at Delgado’s Deli, otherwise known as J&D Deli & Catering, located at 173 Croton Avenue in Ossining, NY may have been exposed to Hepatitis A.

The exposure may have occurred between July 26 and August 9 because of an infected deli employee.

“Ongoing risk to the public is low,” Archbald said in a statement. “The employee is no longer infectious and is not at work. The Health Department learned today where the infected individual worked and has already begun making arrangements to provide post exposure treatment to household contacts and coworkers. Infectious disease and environmental health staff will continue to monitor the situation and the New York State Department of Health has been notified,” she said.

According to Commissioner Archbald, deli patrons who consumed uncooked food or sandwiches, including foods through the deli’s catering service on August 7 through August 9 could still benefit from post Hepatitis A exposure treatment.

A Westchester County press release explained that post-exposure vaccination helps avoid illness and must generally occur within fourteen days of exposure.  That means anyone who possibly consumed contaminated foods between July 26 and August 6 may have been exposed, but would not benefit from the post-exposure vaccination.  Those who consumed foods from the deli after August 9 have no potential for exposure.

The Commissioner’s statement explained that most cases of Hepatitis A are mild and resolve without any treatment.  Those who suffer from symptoms such as extreme fatigue, fever, sore muscles, headache, pain on the right side of the abdomen, nausea, loss of appetite/weight loss, and yellowing of the skin or white part of the eyes should contact their health care provider.

Those potentially exposed could experience symptoms as early as August 10 and as late as September 10.

The commissioner reminded patrons that for those exposed on August 7, treatment must occur by Wednesday.  Those exposed on August 8 and 9, treatment must occur by Monday at the latest.

Anyone who has had a Hepatitis A infection or Hepatitis A vaccine is protected from the virus.  Persons who already have the vaccination should have a second dose of the vaccine in six months.  According to the Westchester County Department of Health, guidance for medical providers will be posted on the Professional’s Corner section of the Health Department’s Website. Pregnant women who may have been exposed should contact their prenatal care provider about treatment.