Three Texas teachers who were rushed to hospitals immediately after eating lunch on Monday probably are not suffering from a typical foodborne illness, experts say.

The Texas Rangers are investigating what made Natalia High School teachers Donald Owen, Mridula Kamra, and Travis Shane Weissler ill so quickly.

The teaches at the Natalia Independent School District were rushed to hospitals immediately after eating lunch Monday.

School district officials do not suspect typical food poisoning because all three teachers were feeling ill minutes after they ate.  Most foodborne illnesses have an incubation period of from several hours to days before begins feeling symptoms.

Natalia Superintendent Joey J. Moczygemba said all three teachers were dizzy and displaying symptoms like intoxication within minutes.

The teachers ate a dish consisting of Brussels sprouts, cherry tomatoes, kumquats, and some Middle Eastern spices that was made by one of the three teachers and brought to school for lunch.

One teacher was treated and released from the hospital, one kept over night at Southwest General, and the other at Christus Santa Rosa Hospital.

The Texas Rangers were called in for their investigative resources.  No charges have been filed.