At least three people have died and hundreds were sickened in France in the past two months after eating wild mushrooms.

In July and August, 330 cases of poisoning were reported to French poison control centers. Three of these were very serious and potentially life-threatening and three deaths have been
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The Food Safety Information Council has warned people in Australia not to pick or eat wild mushrooms following a number of poisoning cases.

Eight people were recently hospitalized in New South Wales due to wild mushroom poisoning. Almost 40 calls were made to the NSW Poisons Information Centre in the
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Almost 250 cases of poisonings due to wild mushroom consumption have been reported in France in the past few weeks.

From July to mid-October this year, poison control centers recorded between five and 60 cases a week but 249 poisoning cases have been recorded in recent weeks.

Seven serious cases
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Fortuitous weather and the increasing popularity of wild mushrooms combined in California to make a particularly dangerous foraging season this past winter and public health officials say the threat is ongoing.

NAMA_mushroom Warning_PosterFourteen people were confirmed with poisoning from unknowingly eating Amanita phalloides — commonly known as death cap mushrooms —
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