The Cornucopia Institute

The petition Perdue Farms Inc. filed with USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) March 16 is still generating comments. The petition was assigned to the FSIS Office of Policy and Program Development.

Perdue said FSIS’s conflation of the definition of “free range” and “pasture-raised” has caused industry-wide confusion and

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With the publication of an Organic Dairy Scoreboard, added to its other consumer guides, the 10-year-old Cornucopia Institute is once again telling the public to do some homework before going to the grocery store, especially if their shopping list includes organic food.

A Wisconsin-based farm policy institute, the Cornucopia
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The National Organic Standards Board has voted 10-3, with one abstention, to remove carrageenan from the list of substances approved for use in food items labeled “USDA Organic.” The vote came Thursday afternoon during the board’s three-day fall meeting in St. Louis.

NOSB members were tentatively scheduled to make a

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