Authorities in Finland have assessed the food poisoning risk associated with medium-cooked ground beef patties made from Finnish meat and served in food service outlets.

Medium-rare or medium-done ground (minced) beef patties are associated with the potential for microbiological contamination, especially from Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC). In recent years

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There are now 241 complaints from patrons of a sushi restaurant in Raleigh, NC, about foodborne illnesses.

The complaints against Sushi Nine began Nov. 28, according to local health department officials. The suspected pathogen is norovirus, with at least three restaurant customers testing positive. The number of sick people is

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County officials in North Carolina are investigating an outbreak of foodborne illnesses linked to a sushi restaurant.

Patrons of Sushi Nine on Western Boulevard in Wake County reported illnesses with symptoms common to norovirus virus infection. The first case was reported on Nov. 30 and subsequent patients continue to be

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More than 30 people have been confirmed sick in an outbreak of Salmonella Litchfield infections traced to fresh raw salmon.

Of the 33 patients, 16 have completed interviews with health officials and 12 of those reported eating sushi, sashimi, or poke. Thirteen of the 33 patients have been so sick

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Researchers have estimated that Japan had around 20,000 anisakiasis cases each year in 2018 and 2019. These figures are much higher than official data.

Anisakiasis is a parasitic disease caused by anisakid worms. Transmission occurs when infective larvae are ingested from fish or squid that are eaten raw or undercooked.

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Mai Cuisine Inc. of Allentown, PA, is recalling 67 packs of “Shrimp Tempura Kabuki Roll WR” purchased in the state of California because of potential Salmonella contamination.

The recall was initiated after Avanti Frozen Foods Pvt. Ltd expanded their recall to include a particular lot of frozen shrimp received by
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Genji Pacific LLC. of Allentown, PA, is recalling 1,490 packs of sushi containing cocktail shrimp over potential salmonella contamination. The sushi was sold at Whole Foods Market stores in California.

The recall was initiated after Avanti Frozen Foods Pvt. Ltd expanded their recall to include a particular lot of frozen
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Three sushi firms operating from the bedroom of a house in Ireland have been closed down by authorities.

The unregistered online sushi takeaway restaurants were run from the home with breaches of legislation, food safety controls and recordkeeping and the absence of safe practices when handling raw fish and cooked
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