According to a survey, almost two-thirds of firms are highly concerned about the impact of a poor food safety audit or enforcement on their business.

Research found that just under half of food companies claim that food safety and compliance with regulations are their top priorities.

While nearly three-quarters of food business owners and managers believe they are very knowledgeable about food safety, only 52 percent feel that their staff have this level of knowledge about the issue.

Safefood surveyed 400 food business owners and managers in Ireland in July and August. Companies involved had between one and 49 employees.

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The first World Food Safety Day, observed on June 7, was an opportunity to check on public opinion around the world. And the survey, say the sponsors, draws attention to the fact that food safety is crucial across geographies, and is everyone’s concern.

At 96 percent, residents of China are the most confident about the safety of the food they consume. Food safety confidence was also high in India, at 93 percent, and the United States at 90 percent. In France, however, 52 percent said they did not feel sufficiently informed to be confident about food safety.

Two world-class companies,
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