Food Safety News last year referred to Prairie Star National Trust as a “sovereign citizens” organization after a court used the term in the Amos Miller case, which states that Miller has illegally sold meat without government inspection.

Star National has reached out to Food Safety News to opine that

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Amos Miller, the Amish agribusinessman from Bird-in-Hand PA, is due back in federal court today.

USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) investigators have filed 42 pages of supplemental evidence  that could, after today, leave Miller in a world of hurt.

Specifically, three FSIS investigators support a government motion filed
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Federal Judge Edward G. Smith has directed his clerk to reject any attempted filings by Praire Star Nation, “an unlicensed, third-party entity espousing sovereign citizen political beliefs, “which purport to represent defendant Amos Miller.

Miller, a farmer who has been ruled in contempt of court in food safety proceedings, wants
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Farmer Amos Miller fired his attorney and now wants Prairie Star National, an advocacy group that may not include licensed counsel, to represent him.

But because it is not clear if the federal judge who’s been trying to enforce food safety regulations on Miller and Miller’s Organic Farm will go
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Amos Miller and Miller’s Organic Farm had to terminate their defense attorneys two years ago during a federal court case because Miller couldn’t pay all the legal bills.

In a new federal civil case that got underway in April, Miller and Miller’s Organic Farm have again hired the legal team
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