The way the Department of Justice sees it, the once chief executive officer of the now-defunct Peanut Corporation of America is a keeper.

Government counsel wants the Middle District of the U.S. District Court in Georgia to deny a motion to vacate, set aside, or correct his sentence. A denial
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ALBANY, GA –After 13 and three-quarters hours of testimony in Stewart Parnell’s hearing to vacate the 22 years remaining on his sentence, it isn’t over.

Government objections helped keep one expert witness from testifying at the evidentiary hearing held Monday and Tuesday at the C.B. King federal courthouse in Albany,
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Two weeks out from the evidentiary hearings that could see a federal magistrate vacate their convictions and sentences, the Parnell brothers have traded witness and exhibit lists with government lawyers. The hearings, held under 28 U.S.C. § 2255,  beginning on May 24 for Stewart Parnell and May 27 for Michael

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More than two months ahead of the evidentiary hearing over Stewart Parnell’s motion to vacate his conviction and sentence, his appellate attorneys and the government are disputing the ground rules.

The government on Dec. 7 asked the court to “order setting a reasonable deadline for the parties to exchange exhibit
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