The European Commission’s health and safety unit has revealed progress has been made in India’s controls of Salmonella in sesame seeds but more needs to be done.

A DG Sante audit in November 2022 covered Salmonella contamination of sesame seeds and touched on ethylene oxide. In September 2020, ethylene oxide

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A number of European countries have again expressed concerns about how the ethylene oxide contamination incidents are being handled.

Several nations highlighted the high burden of required action as more products are found to be contaminated at low levels from different origins and described it as “no longer manageable.”

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Tests positive for Salmonella triggered two recalls this weekend by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)  The first real is for  Halawa Pistachio Extra and the second is for Sesame seeds.   Both are for microbial contamination from Salmonella  and the public is warned not to consume the recalled products.

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Greenline Distributors — Kelly’s Nutrition Centre is recalling “Organic Sesame Seeds” from the marketplace because of possible Salmonella contamination.

The company reports that the recalled products were sold in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Ontario, according to a notice posted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

This recall was triggered
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Several European countries have called measures adopted to deal with ethylene oxide in a food additive “disproportionate.”

In July, it was agreed all products containing the additive locust bean gum (E410) that is contaminated with ethylene oxide need to be withdrawn or recalled to protect the consumer. The additive
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European countries are facing more ethylene oxide related recalls after the substance was detected in a food additive used in a range of products.

Belgium first raised the alarm in September 2020 about ethylene oxide in products from India with sesame seeds. These related recalls are still continuing with thousands
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The European Commission has again extended temporary food safety rules on official controls because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Updated legislation states the flexibility given to EU countries is needed as problems are likely to continue in the coming months and to help authorities plan checks.

Officials from member states told
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