Irish people generally have good knowledge of the main aspects to prevent Salmonella infection, according to recently published study results.

Researchers evaluated consumers’ food safety knowledge by looking at their practices and attitudes regarding raw meat handling, cross-contamination while handling different types of food products, and knowledge of Salmonella risk and associated

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A company in the Republic of Ireland has been punished for breaches of food law including forging and altering documents.

Arrabawn Co-Operative Society Limited was convicted in a recent district court ruling and fined €40,000 ($46,400). Arrabawn employs 400 people and collects milk from more than 1,000 shareholder farmers. It
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A quarter of home cooks are nervous about cooking the Christmas meal, according to research by “safefood.”

The online poll of more than 300 adults across Northern Ireland in late November also found that one in six people aged between 18 and 34 years old will be cooking their first
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