Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food


Today, September 18, would be my son, Riley Detwiler’s 32nd birthday.  

Earlier this year, I had the privilege and heartache of being part of the recently released Netflix documentary, “Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food.” In addition to offering insights from my food safety career over the past 30 years

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Editor’s note: This column was originally published by MEDPAGETODAY and is reposted here with permission.

In August 2006, Ruby Trautz of Omaha, Nebraska was the first person of several to die in a foodborne outbreak after eating uncooked baby spinach laced with E. coli 0157:H7, a

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The documentary “Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food” makes its Netflix debut on Wednesday, Aug. 2. 

Based on the bestselling book “Poisoned: The True Story of the Deadly E. Coli Outbreak That Changed the Way Americans Eat,” the film delivers a shocking exposé that will resonate with consumers, the food

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