Peng Xiang “Martin” Lin

Wa Heng Dou-Fu & Soy Sauce Corp., doing business as Wa Heng Dou-Fu & Soy Sauce International Enterprises (Wa Heng), along with co-owners Peng Xiang “Martin” Lin and Yuexiao “Opal” Lin have consented to a decree in the U.S. District Court for Eastern California that permanently restrains and enjoins any further operation of their California food business. soy_406x250All the “defendants, their officers, regents, representatives, employees, attorneys, successors, assigns and any and all persons or entities” of the company are barred from directly or indirectly “receiving, preparing, processing, manufacturing, labeling packing, holding, and/or distributing” any food products at 2541 26th Ave.
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