Days after recalling 11 tons of donated chia seeds because of rodent droppings, the Oregon Food Bank recalled almost 32 tons of pumpkin seeds and half a ton of nutritional yeast.

The reason for the yeast recall was not included in the recall notice posted by the food bank. The 63,825 pounds of pumpkin seeds are under recall for possible contamination with Listeria monocytogenes.

As of the posting of the recall notices, public health authorities had not confirmed any illnesses in connection with the seeds or yeast recalled by the food bank. The food bank reported all three recalled products
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An Oregon company apparently donated more than 11 tons of chia seeds to a food bank in the Feeding America network after it discovered there was “evidence of rodent activity” in its stock.

The Oregon Food Bank Network initiated a recall yesterday of the 22,201 pounds of chia seeds donated by Live Local Organic of Milwaukie, OR. Food bank officials are urging the public to immediately discard any of the chia seeds that have not been used.

The recall notice on the food bank’s website reports no confirmed illnesses associated with the chia seeds as of March 12. A consumer
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