One in every five air samples in almond orchards adjacent to a poultry operation tested positive for E. coli during a two-year study published recently.

“Microorganisms Move a Short Distance into an Almond Orchard from an Adjacent Upwind Poultry Operation” comes as romaine growers continue to study the impact of
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Investigators continue their tedious search for the source of the E. coli that apparently contaminated romaine lettuce, causing this spring’s deadly outbreak. But it’s becoming increasingly unlikely they will find a smoking gun.

The human toll so far, including one person in California who died, is 132 confirmed cases, 72
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Food Safety News spoke with veterinarian and UC Davis researcher Dr. Michele Jay-Russell at the 2013 annual meeting of the International Association for Food Protection. Jay-Russell specializes in the molecular epidemiology of pathogen contamination associated with wildlife.

The conversation touched on the risk wildlife sometimes pose to food safety and
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For home gardeners, spring is a busy time of year and there’s never a tomato with more flavor than one grown to full ripeness on the vine. But there are also many safety precautions to follow to prevent contamination of fruits and vegetables with pathogens that cause serious foodborne illness.
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