brazilfederalpolice_406x250The investigation by Federal Police in Brazil has led to the suspension of three more processing plants this week over the alleged corruption in meat industry. That raises the number of closed meat processing plants to six out of 21 being targeted by Federal Police and health authorities. The other
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brazilfederalpolice_406x250China is back buying Brazilian meat, apparently satisfied the bribes being paid to meat inspectors don’t threaten long term food safety.

“The regularization of the Brazilian meat entrance into China shows the spirit of mutual trust between the two countries and willingness to dialogue in good faith,” Brazil’s Ministry of
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brazilfederalpolice_406x250None of the slaughter or processing facilities targeted by the Federal Police in Brazil have shipped meat products to the United States, according to USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

Nevertheless, FSIS immediately instituted additional pathogen testing of all shipments of raw and ready-to-eat beef products from Brazil once
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