the fourth year in a row, Food Policy Action has published its National Food Policy Scorecard which reflects the votes of members of Congress and their co-sponsorship on bills related to a range of food issues. “While the average scores have increased by four points, the 2015 report illustrates a Congress that has so far failed to act on major food policy reforms, including reauthorizing childhood nutrition programs and addressing the overuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture, among other disappointments,” FPA stated. This year, 116 members of Congress — 87 in the House of Representatives and 29 in the
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The latest Legislative Scorecard calculated by Food Policy Action (FPA) gives 71 members of Congress perfect scores and 35 a score of zero when it comes to food issues. “The National Food Policy Scorecard is a tool that helps Americans see how our elected leaders vote on food and farm issues,” said Tom Colicchio, FPA co-founder. Senators were graded on how they voted on six bills and whether they supported another eight that never came to a vote. House members were graded on 18 votes and their support of an additional 12 proposed bills. The co-sponsorships were a new addition
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