Latvian Food and Veterinary Service

Latvian authorities have discovered about 18 tons of food products in a warehouse with expired or changed shelf life dates.

The Food and Veterinary Service (PVD) said products were imported into Latvia from Lithuania, where they were withdrawn from the market earlier this year as part of an investigation by authorities into fake expiration dates.

The State Food and Veterinary Service (VMVT) in Lithuania reported via EU communication channels that some of the goods withdrawn in the country may have ended up in Latvia.

The PVD launched an investigation, which led to the warehouse in the city of Daugavpils.


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Officials in Latvia are investigating 40 Salmonella and Shiga toxin-producing E. coli illnesses with mostly children affected.

A total of 36 children and four employees of educational institutions are ill, according to the Latvian Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC).

Salmonellosis has been laboratory confirmed in nine children with symptoms of acute intestinal infection thought to have occurred from Sept. 9 to 11. Patients have been recorded at Levina and Tornisi kindergartens.

Four children develop HUS
Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) infections have been linked to schools identified as Levina, Saulite and Piladzitis in Sigulda, a town in the
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