South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety is now hosting a new website in multiple languages, a move that certainly supports the government’s new National Food Cluster.

The National Food Cluster – more than 150 food and food research and development units – is coming out of the ground near Iskan in southwestern Korea. By rail, that’s about 90 minutes south of the where the Ministry is, near Osong station south of Seoul.

FOODPOLIS_406X250The seven-language website will close that distance with sections on food, drugs, agriculture, fish and livestock, and cosmetics and medical devices, in addition to food safety.
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Because so many Asian consumers look to them for food safety cues, the influence of South Korean mothers is hard to overestimate. Just ask Wan Sik Kim, managing director of the food safety center at Seoul-based Maeil Dairies. He’ll tell you that no force in the country, not government regulators nor the competition, has more power over food safety in South Korea than the mothers of its children. And they are a demanding lot, rewarding only those producers who go well beyond doing 100 percent when it comes to food safety. That’s why, throughout Asia, consumers are known to follow
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We are sitting in one of the thematic conference rooms at the Sempio Foods Company research and development (R&D) center in Osong, south of Seoul, South Korea. Byung-serk Hurh, Sempio’s research director, is drawing a large cooking vessel on a white board as he tries to explain how Jang is made. In one wing of the R&D complex, lab workers quietly come and go. They move from the labs to a large digital library-like room, where they sit while compiling data. In the other wing are offices and conference rooms designed in a variety of themes, such as a forest,
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Two hours south of Seoul by comfortable and quiet train ride is Iksan City, where the Korea National Food Cluster is being built just east of town. JD Kim, assistant manager for the investment promotion team of the agency for the project also known as “Foodpolis,” stays busy running tours back and forth between the development site and Iksan City Hall. His passengers are coming from around the world, mostly from the food industry, academia and foreign governments. They come to Iksan not only to kick the dirt upon which Foodpolis will rise, but to learn more about what might
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Writing this week from Seoul, South Korea, where I’ve been the guest of the Korea National Food Cluster known as Foodpolis, the government-sponsored food industrial complex being built east of Iksan. My visit to South Korea actually began with a conversation with Dr. Won Song at Michigan State University about what I might expect, especially since I’d never been to Korea before. Professor Song has returned to Korea on a number of occasions, most recently as a visiting professor for the fall 2009-2010 school year at Seoul National University. She’s also held other posts in Korea, in industry and at
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