Yesterday it was reported that a food handler at the White Steamer diner in Washington, Indiana who worked last week has been diagnosed with Hepatitis A.

The Daviess County Health Department says while it is rare for restaurant patrons to get contract the disease due to an infected food
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‍Quick reactions to even one infected food service worker have helped the Marion County Public Health District in Indianapolis keep Hepatitis A cases at bay.

That’s what Marion County Public Health was up to earlier this week when it conducted an all-day clinic Monday for anyone who might have come
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Hepatitis A is a communicable disease that often spreads from person to person. Person-to-person transmission occurs via the “fecal-oral route,” while all other exposure is generally attributable to contaminated food or water. Food-related outbreaks are usually associated with contamination of food during preparation by a hepatitis A – infected food
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