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The Expanded Food Safety Investigation Act to give the Food and Drug Administration FDA new powers to investigate livestock feedlots and animal confinement facilities has been introduced in Congress.

Sponsored by Rep.Rosa DeLauro, D-CT, the legislation would allow investigations when such animal units are implicated in foodborne illness outbreaks. 

“It is clear that corporate consolidation has negatively impacted the safety of our nation’s food,” said Congresswoman DeLauro. “This is compounded by a weak and disempowered FDA, which has few tools to hold corporations accountable, investigate outbreaks, and get contaminated food off the market. Under current law, multinational corporations have the power to

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Humane farming advocates Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT) have released an overview of the antibiotics and other drugs used in turkey production. The organization is part of the Keep Antibiotics Working coalition, which recommends that food animal producers limit the use of medically important antibiotics to disease treatment in order to prevent overuse and subsequent spread of antibiotic resistance. FACT found that among the top 20 turkey producers, only Hain Pure Protein, marketed under the Plainville Farms Brand, and Tyson Foods, marketed under the Hillshire Brand, stated that they don’t allow their producers to routinely use antibiotics related to those
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Only Chipotle and Panera get an A grade on antibiotics policies and sourcing practices, and most other fast food chains fail, according to a report by the Friends of the Earth, Natural Resources Defense Council, Keep Antibiotics Working, Consumers Union, Center for Food Safety, and Food Animal Concerns Trust. Chick-fil-a gets a B, while Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s get Cs. The companies were rated on the quality of their policy, whether their policy applies to all types of meat, the availability of the meat produced without routine antibiotics, whether their programs are audited by a third party, whether the policy
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Keep Antibiotics Working (KAW) is on the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) case again about the growth promotion marketing loophole for antibiotics. Last May, KAW alerted FDA to their concerns that drug manufacturer Novartis was using promotional materials for a feed additive used to treat dysentery and pneumonia and enteric disease in pigs that spoke more to production issues than animal health. FDA told the coalition via email that they had discussed the issue with Novartis, but the agency would not reveal any details about the substance of their conversation. In June, KAW noticed that the company had modified the
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