Law enforcement authorities have dismantled a Lithuanian group accused of putting expired food products with altered labeling back on the market.

The operation involved Eurojust and Europol, plus agencies in Lithuania, Estonia, France, and Germany.

Active since early 2021, the organized crime group is believed to have purchased millions of

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European authorities have uncovered an operation allegedly making products out of decomposed apples, contaminated with mycotoxins and other toxic chemicals, unsuitable for human consumption and dangerous for public health.

Italian and Serbian authorities said they cracked the fraud ring that engaged in production and trade of allegedly organic food and
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Authorities from six European countries have dismantled an alleged criminal organization that sold fish unfit for consumption.

Fish was stored in, and transported to, several EU countries in improper and unsanitary conditions, and then sold to Romanian companies.

The investigation, coordinated by Eurojust, involved illegal fishing in contaminated waters, tax
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Authorities have dismantled an organized crime group trading in adulterated olive oil in Germany and Italy.

The operation named “Oro Giallo” — Yellow gold in English — involving Europol, Eurojust, the NAS Carabinieri from Italy, the Italian public prosecution office of Foggia, and the tribunal of Darmstadt in Germany, led
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