Contaminated lamb meat caused a Salmonella outbreak in a minority ethnic community in Wales, according to researchers.

In July 2021, Public Health Wales received two notifications of Salmonella. Both patients had attended a barbecue in a park in Cardiff to celebrate Eid al–Adha, two days earlier. Other cases related to the barbecue were found and an outbreak investigation was started.

The barbecue was attended by members of the North African community. On the same day, smaller lunches were held in three homes. Many people went to both a lunch and the barbecue.

A traditional raw liver dish called marara, served at the

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A Food Standards Agency (FSA) consultation is looking at changing the rules around the sale of meat during a religious festival.

Qurbani is a religious practice that takes place during Eid al-Adha. Some Muslims prefer to collect meat and offal shortly after slaughter as this signifies the beginning of the festival. Eid-al-Adha is a four-day Islamic holiday but the exact date varies year to year.

Because products cannot complete normal chilling processes before leaving the slaughterhouse during the holiday, there could be greater growth of pathogens, with the potential to increase risk of illness. 

Industry representatives asked the FSA to

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Thanks to increased trade in food and farm products, and the growth of Muslim communities in traditionally non-Muslim regions like northern Europe and the US, many non-Muslims are now aware of halal as a distinct food category, with its own dietary rules. Some have recognized the potential of halal as a market opportunity. This interest naturally raises questions for anyone who is not familiar with Muslim traditions: What exactly does halal mean? What standards must be met in order for a farmer’s produce or meat, or a food processor’s product, to qualify as halal? Today marks the first day of
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