Federal officials are reporting that the patient count in an outbreak of lead poisoning traced to imported cinnamon applesauce stands at more than 200, with all of those affected being six years old or younger.

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Usually, an elected official charges before the evidence is in, and the bureaucrat provides an open-ended background about the food safety problem.

But with the lead poisoning of applesauce pouches sold for children, those roles

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The company behind an outbreak of high lead levels in children who ate certain cinnamon applesauce has named the supplier of the cinnamon.

Austrofood, along with Wanabana USA, has named Negocios Asociados Mayoristas S.A., operating

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Public health officials have identified more children with elevated levels of lead in their blood after eating certain brands of cinnamon applesauce.

The count as of today, Nov. 22, stands at 52, up from 34

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