Ukraine has made progress in boosting food safety despite the war, but there are still areas that need improvement, according to a European Commission assessment.

Several reports on countries trying to become EU member states cover various sectors and developments in the past year in Serbia, Moldova, Turkey, Ukraine, and

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A workshop has supported countries in the Western Balkans to better respond to food safety emergencies.

Among challenges highlighted were enhancing cooperation between different food safety agencies, ensuring cross-border information sharing, and enabling joint investigation and response to food safety emergencies. Such events include foodborne outbreaks, food fraud and adulteration

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Insights into consumer attitudes about food safety in five countries have been published by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Findings come from data collected in November 2019 in Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey.

The EFSA commissioned the Eurobarometer study in all EU countries on interest in food
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