Photo of Trevor Suslow

As a cooperative extension specialist in the Department of Vegetable Crops, Trevor Suslow's research and extension program centers on studying the effects of microflora on the postharvest quality of perishable produce. His research program is in the following three broad areas of postharvest pathology: (1) Integrated systems for the control of postharvest decay and spoilage microbes in whole produce and in fresh-cut applications, (2) Integrating basic and practical applications of cultural, genetic, and energetic technologies to achieve and maintain postharvest quality through transportation and distribution. (3) Developing diagnostic tools and methods that are predictive of predisposition to loss of postharvest quality or spoilage.

Boy did I get this wrong…but so did many others…most seriously, some domestic and international trainers and Lead Trainers providing the Produce Safety Alliance (PSA) Grower Training programs.

At this time, two diametrically opposed understandings and information transfer communications of the compliance dates for growers to have completed initial water‐testing profiles are still propagated in…

Here, Trevor Suslow, Ph.D., shares his reaction to the recent Consumer Reports article
Packaged Salad Can Contain High Levels of Bacteria.  Suslow is a cooperative extension research specialist in postharvest quality and safety in the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of California at Davis.

Yes, once again this type of bacterial testing activity…