Pegasus Foods, Inc. of Rockwall, TX,  is recalling Cream Cheese Rangoon because of a plastic foreign object found in the product.

According to the details posted online by the FDA, the recall was initiated on June 26, 2023, and is ongoing.

The recalled product was distributed in California.

Recalled product:

Cream Cheese Rangoon 

  • NET WT: 5.00 LB. (2.26 KG) 
  • CT/CS: 100 PS (5 TRAYS X 20 PCS)
  • UPC: (01)10664383187016(15)112823(10)0601233A1W 
  • Package in corrugated cardboard case.
  • Product Code: 18701 
  • Lot Codes: 05-30-23-3A1W 06-01-23-3B1W 06-06-23-3A1W 06-08-23-4A1W 05-30-23-3B1W 06-01-23-4A1W 06-06-23-3B1W 06-09-23-3B1W 05-30-23-4A1W 06-02-23-3A1W 06-06-23-4A1W 06-23-23-3A1W 05-31-23-3A1W 06-02-23-3B1W 06-07-23-3A1W 06-23-23-3B1W 05-31-23-3B1W 06-05-23-3A1W 06-07-23-3B1W 06-26-23-3A1W 05-31-23-4A1W 06-05-23-3B1W 06-07-23-4A1W 06-26-23-3B1W 06-01-23-3A1W 06-05-23-4A1W 06-08-23-3B1W 06-26-23-4A1W

Anyone who purchased the recalled products should immediately dispose of it and not consume it.

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